2 Drakes vs 1 Raiden = LOL!

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User Info: DreoreSilere

4 years ago#1
So I was playing Drake in a public match, 2v2, Stock Limited, God of War map. I was teamed up with another Drake vs a Raiden and one other player (I forgot his/her character).

After the Raiden lost 2 lives and his teammate lost all his 3, we proceeded to spam him repeatedly with Drake's Run 'N' Gun. I went forward as he went backward. Then we spammed grenade launchers and magnums and went back to Run 'N' Gun. Hilarious! All Raiden could do was jump in his little corner trying to dodge us. Best public match I had in a while lol.

(Unfortunately, it's just as one-sided when I was playing as Drake vs 2 Raidens...I swear, Raiden's dash is a ranged attack in disguise...so overpowered.)

I should go.

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