Best character overall?

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User Info: hyperknees91

4 years ago#21
ToMuchMayo posted...
hyperknees91 posted...
ToMuchMayo posted...
isaac hands down ;)
Seriously though ffa and 2v2 he controls space like a boss
1v1 he can hold his own all day ( at least when i am consistent lol)

Isaac doesn't really have enough range to play the camp game in 2v2 or FFA is why. In 1v1 he's a boss though.

He has plenty of range especially with neutral circle if you know what you are doing.

Yes but if he has to get out of his camp mine zone he's nowhere near as good as other characters in 2v2 or FFA. His level 1 is pretty meh too.
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User Info: MajesticFerret

4 years ago#22
Isaac's lv. 1 is meh?

Dude gets 2 chances to hit people, which makes a big difference in FFA and the projectile moves fast enough and has a long enough time to fire where you can play some serious mind games, aside from the fact if you're a good enough shot you can basically HC it from his up grab.

Also, if you wait the maximum amount of time, it creates a big explosion that can kill multiple people.

Anyways, I'd say it's either Kratos or Sly.
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