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User Info: TriforceX5

4 years ago#1
For anyone who hasn't seen the trailer, this is a custom move set for the character in this trailer:


Square Attacks:
Neutral - Two slices with the scythe followed by a multihit spin combo, finishing with a strong knockback slash. In the air, perform a two hit slicing combo
Up - Swing the scythe in an arc above her slightly launching enemies
Down - Drive the scythe into the ground, press again to pull it forward dragging enemies in. In the air, Perform a downward swing (Like ST's Machete, knocks down)
Forward - Fire a shot from the Scythe to create a single powerful forward hit knocking the enemy away.

Triangle Attacks:
Neutral - Fire a blast with the Rifle knocking away in front enemies
Up - Fire a blast 45 Degrees upwards knocking away close enemies
Down - Perform a sweeping kick, knocking enemies slightly into the air. In the air, Fire a shot with the rifle 45 Degrees downward
Forward - Perform a spin kick, spinning off the pole of the scythe

Circle Attacks
Neutral - Drive the scythe into the ground, in this stance pressing circle will fire off a long range knockback shot. Move or press any other button to exit this stance. In the air, fire a long range bullet forward (Not as long as ground version)
Up - Fire a bullet at the ground launching you higher into the air and damaging enemies below you
Down - Fire a shot at the ground launching you backwards, if you encounter any enemies mid-flight, kick them away
Forward - Fire a shot backwards to launch yourself forward, slicing the first enemy you hit.

Level 1 - Quickly transforms the Scythe into it's shotgun form and fires a very powerful close ranged shot killing enemies
Level 2 - Fire a bullet behind you launching yourself forward a great distance, while in flight, swing the scythe creating a massive flurry of strikes killing any hit.
Level 3 - Load the Scythe with cross clips granting a massive boost in power. Each button has a new effect in this state:
Square - Perform a flurry of swings very rapidly, can move during this and usable in the air
Triangle - Fire a long range shot that can be aimed
Circle - Propel yourself forward in the air very fast, can be used multiple times and in midair. Can use Square strikes in mid flight

Level 3 Theme:

Down - Spins around the enemy and does a decapitating strike like she did to that wolf in the trailer, Knockdown
Forward - Spin around the enemy with the scythe blade on the enemy before slicing them with a bullet enhanced strike
Up - Rest the enemy on the top of the scythe before pointing upwards and firing, launching them upwards

1. Turns around wearing the red cloak and then throws it away
2. Drops down the takes out the Crescent Rose and turns it into the scythe
3. Decapitates a wolf before kicking the corpse away and smirks at the camera

1. Puts the Crescent Rose away
2. Smirks at the camera while striking a pose
3. Looks confident while she kills a wolf close by her with a shot to the head
4. Spins while throwing the cloak over her head with a smile.

1. Puts her cloak on and looks away
2. Gets knocked off screen by a wolf

1. Spins the scythe around quickly
2. Puts her cloak on and spins with pedals flying around her
3. Puts the scythe on the ground and stands on top of it and looks into the distance
4. Looks to the camera and does a smile with a small single laugh.

Victory Screen:
Win: Pose in her official artwork and at the end of the red trailer
Loss: Cloak over her head looking away from the camera
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User Info: KingTumbleweed

4 years ago#2
Amazing. You made a whole moveset out of a single trailer. You have any plans to do the others?
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User Info: TriforceX5

4 years ago#3
KingTumbleweed posted...
Amazing. You made a whole moveset out of a single trailer. You have any plans to do the others?

I might do Weiss, but only if people are interested. I have some move ideas for her.
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User Info: T_l_M_B_0

4 years ago#4
Shoutout to Monty
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User Info: TriforceX5

4 years ago#5
I'm bumping this because I'm an enormous tool and need attention.
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User Info: Vanitas_Remnant

4 years ago#6
Its weird that I saw this straight after watching the Black Trailer O_o
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User Info: geneocide

4 years ago#7
That trailer was epic....
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User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#8
Neat. Woo for Rooster Teeth. I wonder when they'll release the yellow trailer. And when they'll continue Immersion...
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