So is Jak a viable character now?

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  3. So is Jak a viable character now?

User Info: supafan303

4 years ago#1
I liked Jak when the game first came out but it was easy to tell he used to be grossly outclassed.

Now that the latest patch changed him up a lot, is he a viable choice as a fighter now? I've seen some good Jak users but not too many.

Also, do any Jak users have any tips on how to "get good" as him?
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User Info: SalemFox

4 years ago#2
Well according to the recent posts and im unaware if there was a newer patch recently but
apparently Jak is even worse according to everyone else
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User Info: InninXI

4 years ago#3

Jak is so bad compared to everyone else!
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User Info: LanceDrake

4 years ago#4
Supers got balanced correctly, but moveset got overall worse. I say he's worse off than he was before.
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User Info: CChooch

4 years ago#5
He was always viable.
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User Info: Chimcharwhoohoo

4 years ago#6
Outside of 1v1? Yes, he's viable.
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  3. So is Jak a viable character now?

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