What patch 1.10 did to this game

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User Info: AylasHero

4 years ago#1
Take a look at this picture:


Here's the Reddit subreddit's activity before and after the March 1.10 patch. We can see that the game was really picking up steam, but the 1.10 patch really did nothing to solve the major issues that the competitive, hell, the AVERAGE player was expecting from the patch. Sorry to say but when almost half of a moderately large community quits the game due to a big patch being generally worthless, it says a lot about the lack of priorities.

To those who wonder about how this game is doing. A nice chart to sum it up. I betcha it goes down from there too.

User Info: diebuster2

4 years ago#2
They deserve it for not listening to the fanbase. Especially Superbot and SSM ain't gonna do jack.
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User Info: LanceDrake

4 years ago#3
I honestly don't understand. Why rush a major rebalancing patch? Maj said time and time again, if they had more time to actually look into stuff, it would have been solved better. All they were able to do was patch in knee-jerk reaction kind of stuff based on tourney results and their telemetry system, instead of really looking into the issues.
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User Info: wwinterj25

4 years ago#4
Things generally do decline overtime. With Injustice out now it goes without saying some players will move on.
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User Info: blaze19_0X

4 years ago#5
Well to be fair. They did help against air camping with the landing lag mechanics. But perhaps more was needed. So at least in that instance, they were in the right direction.

But then they got layed off by Sony so yeah...

But I can't really excuse them because the game being fundamentally flawed was their fault to begin with and being experienced developers they really should have known better from the start.
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User Info: gameghy555

4 years ago#6
I'm sorry, but what are these graphs showing me?
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User Info: Davidgrayman

4 years ago#7
wwinterj25 posted...
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User Info: aKimbodiac

4 years ago#8
Peculiar... What am I seeing?
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User Info: dooms14

4 years ago#9
diebuster2 posted...
They deserve it for not listening to the fanbase. Especially Superbot and SSM ain't gonna do jack.

I dont think they care anymore, I mean how much did they really spend on their game? They did not have a couple of the major iconic Sony characters, Game doesn't have any real campaign or fun game modes(coins,hp,survival), and the fact they had the nerve to sell the game for 60 dollars on release when Super smash bros had more quality and quantity for 50. Face it this game was suppose to be a cheap PSN download game that got overpriced. Dont get me wrong the game is somewhat playable for a while, but not worth its price.
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