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User Info: Crabhammar

4 years ago#1
Chilling With Good Cole: A Guide To Mastering Cole MacGrath

Alright guys, it's finally here. I thought it would be cool if I made a guide for the most chill dude in the game. As long as you remember your comboes and hitconfirms, you'll be sure to ice the competition. Nicely. With ice. God, I hate myself.

NOTE: sS is analogous to air sS. Grind is analogous to ground sS.


Good Cole has the rather unique property of having a use for every move and Super. He's quite the well rounded dude; he can comfortably perform well in FFA and 1v1s. While he isn't the most viable for 2v2s, his Supers can easily be set up and his Level 2 can be a HUGE lifesaver (more on that later).

nS (x AP): AKA GC's one of two "normals", nS is a god-tier punish. One-third of the time, it's a Giga Punch; the other times, your opponent is slapped away, giving GC space to abuse his legendary zoning (read: running away like a b****) abilities. You can AP burst off the crumple hit (look in the section "BnBs"). Also, when GC does the spinning Amp hit, there's a blast of electricity. It's badass.

dS (x AP): AKA a pretty good combo-stringing move. This move is freaking great: you can AP burst off it and it looks epic. However, do not fall into the noob trab of using it from high ledges; that version reaches Zeus levels of punishability. Likewise, if you use a slow, telegraphed ground dS, you're gonna have a bad time. The best way to throw out a raw dS is with a happy balance: around or under the height of a single jump. It's not the best combo starter, but it IS an option on grounded opponents.

sS (x AP): AKA GC's claim to fame. I almost want to save this move for last... so I will. Teehee. However, I can discuss the ground version. The Grind makes GC and EC some of the fastest characters in the game, rivaled only by Parappa's divekick and Kat. A Grind will automatically end after ~2 seconds; to circumvent this, one can jump out of a Grind, do something in the air (optional), and press sS upon landing to regain momentum. It's just a ridiculously great movement... move.

uS (x AP): AKA the move nobody expects. I felt the same way as you at one point: "wtf does this even do?" It turns out that this move is key to rocketjuggling. I haven't even defined that word yet, so just trust me, it's useful. It's important to note that uS is awful raw: it's better to use uT on an opponent above you.

nT (5 AP): AKA GC's pew pew lasers. GC's weakest ranged weapon; it's not even bad in and of itself, but GC's other projectiles are just so boner-blastingly good, poor nT gets overshadowed a bit. Connecting X bolts will give GC X AP, which is nice and all, but you could have spent that time spamming his better projectiles. Besides redirecting uT, nT has the niche use of being a good projectile in places where uT and sT suffer (Dojo and any place with fall-through platforms ala Dreamscape).

User Info: Crabhammar

4 years ago#2
dT (X AP): AKA utility move of the gods. Mine removal? Safe landings? Being freaking annoying? Look no further than this guy. This move is super handy for interrupting pretty much everything at range. nS is faster, but dT is GC's fastest move otherwise. Use liberally against Spike, Sly, and ST's mines. This doesn't combo into anything, unfortunately.

sT (X AP): AKA one-sided hot potato. At first glance, EC's nades walk all over these, and this is true for FFA. However, the special quality of these grenades make them awesome in 1v1. These gooey grenades stick onto all but a blocking opponent; a stuck opponent will be forced to sit there in block (punishable with an Up Throw), roll around like a maniac (again, Up Throw) or take the hit if he's feeling ballsy (coincidentally, the bounce is just perfect for an AP burst, check BnBs). The mind-game potential with these babies is unrivaled.

uT (30 AP): AKA Chibi Spirit Bomb. You'd be hard pressed to find a better projectile than this: this homing ball of 30 AP is the gold standard for god-like projectiles; only the big boys can compete (EC's grenades, Ratchet's sniper). At first glance, this thing is awful: Slow and vertical? No thanks. However, this thing packs a powerful punch when combined with it's activator move, nT. True to the name, nT redirects the Redirect Rocket at hyper-speed towards whatever poor sucker got tagged. It is important to note that the Redirect Rocket only redirects once; it's still pretty freaking great. It can be comboed into (check BnBs).

nC (X AP): AKA soooooo close to being useful. Alas, poor Frost Shield, you are ass. With only one niche use and a glaring weakness, this thing is better off not being used... ever. The Frost Shield absorbs a certain amount, but is easily broken, forces GC to be stationary (usually), and is slow to come up (usually). The niche use for this hunk of junk is safely approaching other zoners. Jump out of a Grind and tap nC; GC will keep most of the momentum from the Grind and gracefully glide towards the opponent. Note that GC's head is still quite vulnerable. The arcing of grenades from either Cole will turn this strategy on its head.

uC (X AP): AKA "GTFO" the move. GC always says he can handle this, but sometimes, he just can't. In these dark hours, uC will propel you to safety. The ground version has a slight but noticable startup to it; in exchange, it can be comboed off of for a cool X AP (uC, uT while flying up, sS, nT). When you really need to bounce, an air uC is ridiculously safe (Sony Santamon, get off your lazy asses and nerf that s***). Do not spam air uC unless you hate your opponent or they are into BDSM.

dC, sC, and air sS (X AP): AKA the mother, father, and babysitter of all combo-moves. I cannot begin to describe how great these moves are. All three of these moves can be AP bursted off at single jump height or less. They also can all be thrown out raw for devestating effect. The legendary tether combo (sS, dC, sS, sC, sS, dC, etc.) was born from the delicious way that these moves flow together. There isn't really much more to say about these moves, to be honest. It should be noted that sC is INFINITELY safer than sS when used raw in exchange for slightly less range. The pros toss out sC at a closer range; if it connects, sS can latch on and start a tether combo or any other combo you desire. On a whiff, GC walks away punish-free. It's kind of like Drake's revolver versus Radec's quickscopez.

User Info: Crabhammar

4 years ago#3
Level 1 (X AP): AKA the "knife" part of Good Cole's Swiss Army Knife. A more versatile Level 1 literally cannot be found. Pardon my French, but the hitconfirmability of this super reaches pre-nerf Obese Royalty levels. Anyways, it is important to note that the invisible hitbox of the Super is like an upside down traffic cone (except a bit fatter). This is what allows his Level 1 to perfectly catch opponents from a connected dC.

Hitconfirms: dC, sC, sS into dC or sC, dS, dS into sC, sT (tight timing, not very practical), uT wallbounce into sS into sC (if you're a cocky bastard), Up Throw into sS and sC under the bottom platforms of Time Station and low-roofed areas of Resistance.

Level 2 (X AP): AKA the "little scissors" part of the Swiss Army Knife. Well, maybe not so, because this actually has a niche use while those damn scissors don't do anything. Anyways, GC's Level 2 is not a bad Super in and of itself. Spike's Level 2 would die for the ability to climb inclines. What makes it bad is the whole "outclassed" thing: why line up a tricky Level 2 when you can maul your 1v1 target with Level 1s or wreck FFAs with the buffed Level 3? As I mentioned earlier, there is one important use for this Super: GC can save his partner from certain doom in 2v2. Simply pop an Ionic Freeze while your opponent (preferably someone like Dante or Raiden who relies on grounded comboes) is beating the stuffing out of your buddy for both a kill and a kill deny. You can also catch landings, but if you can consistently pull that off, you're Dabuz or Lizard and should get back to practicing EC/Ratchet.

Hitconfirms: All of the Level 1 HCs at a low height (except the wallbounce... what a shame).

Level 3 (X AP): AKA the "cork screw" part of this metaphorical knife. It's not for everybody; whereas all GCs love their Level 1 HCs, the Level 3 is a bit more variable. In FFA, I highly recommend it, as you won't be left vulnerable to any non-Dan Level 1s during your Level 1. Feel free to pick people off with Level 1s, though. The choice is yours.

Hitconfirms: Down Throw

Bread and Butter Comboes

I pray that this late in the game's life, everyone knows what a Bread and Butter (henceforth abbreviated as "BnB") is. Better safe than sorry: a BnB is your-go to combo after connecting a certain move. The Bread and Butter is named so because that is the traditional Amish meal; it's the only thing they could grow because they didn't have ham and cheese flowers like we do in the modern world. The Amish are also notoriously good at fighting games, I think. I was asleep for that part of History.

sS, dC, sS, air sC, sS, dC, sS, air sC, sS, SS (X AP): The legendary tether loop. It is important to note that the combo can be started from any place. A tip to keep in your mind is that four ice moves can loop before ending it off with SS (or dC if you can't quite reach with SS). I hope that made sense, because I can't quite rephrase it any other way.

User Info: Crabhammar

4 years ago#4
Ground sC, Grind, Grinding nT, sC, sS, dC, sS, sC, SS (X AP): This combo is great for tech chasing. sC catches rolls pretty well, so this combo combined with the Up Throw AP burst make for excellent tech chasery.

dS, sC, dC, sS, sC, sS, dC, sS, dC (X AP): I cannot stress this enough, so maybe bold will help: DO NOT END THE COMBO WITH SS! Doing so will prematurely burst the opponent, leaving you with X AP less than if you had just done dC. Shame on you. It's also unfortunate that occasionally, dS doesn't feel like connecting with sC and sC with dC. That means you were a bit too far away with the original dS.

nS (crumple), [any one of the above comboes] (Variable amount of AP): To be honest, this is a person-specific thing. You can pretty much freestyle any order of dS, dC, sS, and sS for a burst. Find what works for you (I do nS into the dS combo above).

uT, uT, uS (X AP) AKA the "Rocketjuggle". I have christened this set of three moves with it's own name simply because of the versatility in ending comboes (including the legendary Up Throw AP burst). If your sS loop starts climbing up too high, you can end it with a Rocketjuggle for max effect and a possible burst. All very good uses to consider. It is important to note that you must double jump in air after the first uT to land the second one.

Up Throw, sS, sC, sS, dC, sS, slide from the side of the opponent to under them, Rocketjuggle (X AP): Some of you read that and went "okay, sounds doable". Others just went "ow, my brain". Unfortunately, it cannot be easily expressed through text and I may need to get a video up. Anyways, it is important to note that the timing for the first sS is the most difficult part. The rest is child's play.

uC, uT, sS (don't hold, just tap), nT (65 AP): This was already covered above. There is a nasty start-up on uC; nS is faster and lends itself to AP bursting or distancing yourself from the opponent. It looks freaking cool, though.


Let me give you the quick and dirty; no number nonsense or anything. A skilled GC makes short work of anything in the game. He has a favorable matchup towards Kat, for Arceus' sake. Things are definitely sunshine and rainbows for Cole. However, that isn't to say he doesn't have questionable matchups. Sly laughs at his projectile spam and is generally the biggest threat towards GC apart from another GC. Big Daddy definitely doesn't have a chance against GC, but his Super Armor beats out the tether, so beware. Ratchet is actually up there with Sly in terms of annoyingness; his Buzz Blades cancel GC out of Grind and the Suck Cannon catches whiffed Tethers with ease. Finally, Sweet Tooth himself has an awful matchup against GC. However, you'll want to look out for his chest hair; it's so sexy that you may or may not be distracted long enough to get Level 1'd.

Kratos: The God of War is a menace at close range, so stay back and blast him with projectiles. However, don't hit him with ground nT; randumbs may have made you forget, but he does have a ranged counter. Ground nT is just asking for a counter into Level 1/AP Burst.

Parappa: No special notes on Paraps, just make sure to stay close so he can't use Boxxy.

User Info: Crabhammar

4 years ago#5
Fat Princess: She's still in the game? Kidding. With Fatty P's garb mobility, it is in your best interests to pelt her with projectiles, grinding away when gets close for maximum zoning/annoyingness. I just put "Grinding" and "Fatty P" in the same sentence :(

Sweet Tooth: This is just depressing. Tether outranges everything. It is important to note that ST standing behind a mine cannot be tethered; take care to dT that lean green machine before sending ST to the Great Big Tooth Fairy In The Sky. Non character-specific, the best escape from ST's tech chasing is rolling away twice. When he catches on and attempts to punish with a grab, plan accordingly and punish with a quick jump into air uC.

Radec: lol

Nathan "The Barrel" Drake: That name will never cease to amuse me. Anywho, get in close with Drake. He will outgun you at mid-range and can easily close the distance at long ranges or use revolver/grenade launcher spam. The ominous slide kick of no cooldown can be punished with an Up Throw. Do NOT be a nub and attempt to absorb the barrel. The inevitable Run and Gun followup will power through the Frost Shield and Drake will generally get more out of it than you do.

Sly: This guy... this guy. This barrel will generally give you a way harder time. It reflects all projectiles GC has, so don't do it. DON'T TETHER EITHER, lest you feel like getting countered and eating an air nS + additional tech chasing. This isn't character-specific to either Sly or GC, but try to mix it up with your wakeups (instantly wake up, instantly roll, delayed wake up, delayed roll) to escape tech chases.

Non-Dabuz Evil Cole: The era of the Beast has finally passed; while still quite powerful, EC is not the dominant force that he was pre-patch. The infamous Giga Punch can be countered by a block + Up Throw. Unfortunately, GC does not have any Super Armor moves to power through an Oil Spike, so beware EC's Tether Spike shenanigans. It should be noted that EC without a charged Giga Punch is way easier to deal with and a bit more flowchart-y without his precious ace in the hole; dodge his grenade volleys, Nigtmare Blasts, and predictable Up Throws and relentlessly pursue him down. GC isn't very good at applying pressure, but against non-punch EC, dogging him is the best option. It's also important to note that EC has a faster Grind but a slower Level 1, so if you both throw out a raw Level 1, GC should win.

Dabuz Evil Cole: Start, Up, X, X

User Info: Crabhammar

4 years ago#6
Non-Lizard Ratchet: While not as flowcharty as EC, Ratchet is still quite reliant on his Plasma Striker and Suck Cannon. The Grind into Frost Shield trick will help close the distance towards a sniper-spamming Ratchet. Watch out for Buzz Blades; they cancel out the Grind and are generally annoying. Also, try to not tether too close, a whffed Tether and it's all over. Likewise, a whiffed Suck Cannon is a free Level 1.

Lizard Ratchet: Start, Up, X, X

Jak: This doesn't look very good for Jak and Dax. GC dominates him at all ranges and Jak's Level 2 hitconfirms require GC to be grounded, which he kind of isn't... ever.

Good Cole: Although this matchup can literally only be even, it's very risky either way. Use raw sC in this matchup sparingly; if it trades with tether, the tether gets a better deal out of it. Similarly, feel free to spam tether to your hearts' content with no risk of punishment. When you have a Level 1 charged and the opposing GC doesn't, rush him to get the kill confirm. Likewise, flee from a GC with a Level 1 unless you have a Level 1 to take him down with.

Dante: This is painful to even think about. Spam projectiles at long range, come in for the kill. However, make note of Dante's new whiff cancelling tech; punishing blocked nS with a nS of your own is no longer a viable strategy.

Heihachi: Projectiles. Make note of his Super Armor. That is all.

Big D: Heh, don't let Big D smack you around. Heh. Seriously though, Mr. Bubbles packs a furious punch with his tech chasing. To avoid his Level 1 out of Electro Bolt, tech down and roll behind Big Daddy. I can't seem to get it working, but that is the advice of sage Big Daddies.

Nariko: Ever since she was spayed, Nariko poses little threat in the grand scheme of things. This isn't GC-specific, but air approaches on Nariko will be met with an uT into ~80 AP combo, so don't do that. Again, this applies to all chars, but the best way to avoid Nariko's Level 3 is by distancing yourself, whether horizontally or vertically.

Raiden: Don't let this guy grab you or it's all over. Since Raiden relies on his opponents being grounded for air sC, TS, and Down Grab maneuvers, GC has little to fear. Be wary of vertical approaches; one connected air uS or air uT is all Raiden needs to AP burst or Level 1. Tether or Ice Rocket shut down any air sC attempts; you should probably blast this guy from long range.

Sir Dan: Dannyboy actually causes his own downfall most of the time. Three nT hits will break the shield; whilst Dan is falling over, GC can easily nail him with a nS. Also be wary of aerial approaches against a Dan with any Super; good timing and you're a goner. Note that the tether

Sackboy: This guy was THE anti-Cole back in the good 'ol pre-patch days. Unfortunately, they nerfed his jelly balls off in this patch; there's nothing to worry about when facing this pintsize pushover. Apart from the obvious "don't shoot projectiles at the fan", it is important to note that air sT (the jetpack) has Super Armor.

Spike: They messed this guy up too. The only minor inconveniences are Spike's banana mines. You should know how to deal with those (Hint: It rhymes with "Clown Criangle").

Toro: ...no.

Kat: The Gravity Queen falls to the Savior of New Marias, thanks to a little something we like to call "projectiles". Moves that knock the stuffing out of Kat like uT and non-crumple nS are quintessesial to beating her because they break her debris. For her alone, the uC combo and Rocketjuggling are almost priority comboes.

User Info: Crabhammar

4 years ago#7
Emmett: The turret will interrupt everything you do, making it a priority target. Other than that, watch out for his Level 2; it is a potent tether punish.

Isaac: This guy is pretty strong; a gun looper Isaac can punish a tether with a great chunk of AP, if not burst. Since Isaac's melee consists of the Force Gun and his Death Glowstick, feel free to melee rushdown to make his life hell.

Zeus: This matchup isn't as GC-friendly as one might initially suspec (although it still is in his favor). With his Golden Abs and Clone, Zeus is actually pretty immune to GC's projectile game. Make sure to spam grenades if you don't want to tussle with Zeus's Super Armor; the Golden Abs absorb them but Zeus recieves no AP. A crucial tip in beating Zeus relies on punishing his only reliable hitconfirm: the charged Teleport. The recovery is slow enough that GC can Level 1 if Zeus whiffs/GC blocks the teleport. Don't rely on this technique as your only method for Level 1-ing Zeus; if he fakes you out and you Level 1 on reaction, valuable AP has gone down the drain.

Credits/Special Thanks/Whatever

I can't think of anything else relevant, so here go the credits:

-I'd like to thank Wiyr and Aalz for letting me battle their Heihachis to get matchup experence
-Jump for Big Daddy experience
-Lucario; Jak
-Lizard; Clank
-Dabuz; Moderately Unplesant Cole
-Vindabess; Dr. Zeus
-Heroic; Sly
-DireProphecy/OhSoSly; Kratos
-Blaze; Calling me a fraud at numerous points
-Lakizzle; Being one of the OG Good Coles, also Dante experience
-Sidewalka; Teaching me the little that he knew about GC, putting me on the path of GC Enlightenment
-Icy; All the BGs and nonnegative intervals we shared
-ND; Being my first 2v2 partner ever
-Jump again; Being ridiculously sexy
-Lucario, Dabuz, Lizard, and Vin again; Being awesome
-Judge, Rainbowsaurus; Being females and causing many lolz from lustful dudes
-My mom and dad; Birthing me
-Superbot; Birthing this awful game
-Seth Killian; Birthing the awful patch that ruined the game
-Sucker Punch; For making Infamous and Sly
-Naughty Dog; For making the best trilogy to grace video gaming ever (hint: he has a gun)
-You; for reading this garb

If anything was too unclear, add my PSN (Bluechacho) and I'll be happy to demonstrate... is what I would have said back when I had actually cared. Eat up, folks. I'm not finishing it.

User Info: G-Scythe

4 years ago#8
I didn't read it all, but I did find the parts I read to be helpful
Not changing this sig until I get bored of it - started 8/11/2011

User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#9
Holy s*** that's long .-. Now to read it.
"Pray not to have easier lives, but pray to be stronger men."- President John F. Kennedy.
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User Info: Rainbowsaurus

4 years ago#10
Already 1/7 of the way through this garb

Many thanks, tamanegi sensei.
Stay sexy, Kratos
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