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User Info: AMP1317

4 years ago#1
Felt like doing a moveset for one of my favorite characters from Final Fantasy VII. So, without further adieu:

Square Attacks
- Neutral Square: Cid does numerous jabs with his spear, sending the opponent flying away at the end (much like Parapa's neutral square)
Neutral Air Square: Does his series of jabs in the air

- Right or Left Square: he rears back and does a powerful jab forward with his spear, causing the enemy to crumple(?). It has a slower start up due to him drawing back.
Right or Left Air Square: Smacks the opponent away with the but of his spear

- Up Square: He launches the opponent in the air. Holding square causes him to follow after the opponent.
Up Air Square: He impales the enemy with his spear, and throws them towards the ground.

- Down Square: Does a sweeping motion with his spear, knocking the opponent off his or her feet (can be followed up with another attack)
Down Air Square: He drops down in his jump stance, spear head facing the ground (much like Link's down A in SSB). If high enough in the air, an impact radius is sent off from his spear, hitting anyone near by.

Triangle Attacks - I was going to give him the basic materia magic attacks, but I decided to try something slightly different. If you think it's dumb, let me know! His magic is pretty much "traps". Only one can be active at a time though.
- Neutral Triangle: Fire Trap - Cid throws out a ball of fire that hovers in place. If the opponent is knocked into it, it'll explode and send the opponent flying. Lasts for 15 seconds if untouched
Neutral Air Triangle: Same thing as above, it'll stay in the air where he places it

- Left or Right Triangle: Bio swamp - He pours out a green liquid looking substance out of his hand which stays on the ground (like Big Daddy's ice), and sort of resembles a puddle. If the opponent steps on it, they're inflicted with a poison status (chip AP damage which goes towards Cid's AP meter, lasts 3-5 seconds).
Left or Right Air Triangle: Same as above, like Big Daddy's it pours down to the ground.

- Up Triangle: Bolt Wall - He shoots a bolt in the air, and it drops to the ground, creating a wall of lightning. Like Rachet's lightning traps, except it's only vertical. It lasts for 10 seconds unless the opponent hits it, then it vanishes.
Up Air Triangle: calls down a bolt of lightning that'll stun the enemy (electricity stun) if it hits them. Has a small range.

- Down Triangle: Ice shield - creates a small shield of ice that blocks projectiles
Down Air Triangle: Same as above

Circle Attacks
- Neutral Circle: Counter - blocks with his spear and parries, causing the opponent to do the animation when their block breaks (he bashes them with the shaft of the spear)
Neutral Air Circle: Counter in air, except knocks the opponent away with the butt of his spear

- Right or Left Circle: Dynamite - hold to charge the distance thrown, has a small radius explosion
Right or Left Air Circle: Air dynamite - throws dynamite from the air, no charge

- Up Circle: Ladder Swing - ladder falls from the Highwind (thin air) and Cid swings across (hitting anyone in his swinging arc)
Up Air Circle: Same as above

- Down Circle: Smoke Break - sticks his spear in the ground and lights his cigarette. He'll stay stationary, slowly gaining AP like Toro until hit or canceled with an attack
Down Air Circle: Air Smoke Break - ladder will drop, and he'll hang on, smoking, while slowly gaining AP.
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User Info: AMP1317

4 years ago#2
- Right/Left: Grapples opponent, knees in the stomach, and knocks them away with his spear butt
- Up: Grapples opponent, using his spear as a base, flip kicks the opponent in the air
- Down: Grapples opponent, uses his spear to trip them on thier back before stabbing them with his spear (causes bounce)

- Level 1: Jump - He leaps into the air, and lands back down slightly in front of his starting position. Anyone he touches from ground to air will be killed. Quick activation
- Level 2: Dragon - Summons the dragon that moves horizontally across the stage, killing anyone in it's path (think Spike's level 2, but slightly bigger). It also leeches some AP from those it killed (much like his dragon limit in FFVII)
- Level 3: Highwind - Cid grabs onto a ladder that falls from the sky and says, as he's being pulled upwards, "Light 'em up!". Missiles rain down on the stage (length of Fat Princess' level 3). Once over, he falls from the top of the stage, and lands with his victory pose.

1.) Motions with his hand saying, "C'mon you numbskull!"
2.) Slams his foot into the ground and yells, "Drink your %#&@$#! tea!"
3.) Spins his spear above his head and yells, "Yeeeehaaww!"

1.) Standard PSAS theme
2.) Victory Fanfare -
3.) Cid's Theme -

1.) Standard -
2.) Kingdom Hearts Costume -
3.) Kain Highwind Costume DLC - (Basically Cid in Kain's costume)

Mascot: Shera -

Whew... Don't think I missed anything...
"May the glistening chrome of the Borg Queen shed her light upon us all"
"Remember when you eat, you're just a vacuum with nipples."

User Info: judgementaeon

4 years ago#3
It's great! I love taunt 2, I'd be using it all day XD
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User Info: Nightstryk3r619

4 years ago#4
I like it, and I'm not even a really big FF fan.
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User Info: Davidgrayman

4 years ago#5
This is his taunt.....the only taunt you need:
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User Info: LightEcoSage

4 years ago#6
Too bad I don't know the guy :/
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User Info: AMP1317

4 years ago#7
Davidgrayman posted...
This is his taunt.....the only taunt you need:

LOOOOL!!! Yes!!! Though he does need his tea one too.
It's his famous line!!!

@LES He's from FFVII, but most only know of Cloud, Tifa, Aeris, and Vincent (who got his own spin-off game and he wasn't even a required party member in VII... In fact, it was pretty easy to miss recruiting him).

Still, Cid's a great character. He's a kind hearted, chain smoking, potty mouth!
"May the glistening chrome of the Borg Queen shed her light upon us all"
"Remember when you eat, you're just a vacuum with nipples."

User Info: ss4parrothair

4 years ago#8
(Points to sig) :-D
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