Kill, ****, Marry

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User Info: RoyalShine

4 years ago#1
Post answers.

I'd kill Kratos, boop Fat Princess, marry Parappa.
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User Info: KingTumbleweed

4 years ago#2
Kill Zeus.
Marry Nariko.
*star* Kat.
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User Info: G-Scythe

4 years ago#4
Kill :Sweet Tooth
spoiler: Kat
Marry: Also Kat
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User Info: DrunkenMegaman

4 years ago#5
Kill: Nariko
****: Kat I guess?
Marry: Fat Princess (so that I could become royalty)
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User Info: ButKevinBacon

4 years ago#6
Kill Evil Cole
**** Nariko
Marry Raiden

User Info: Romulus-Prime

4 years ago#7
Kill: Dante
****: Nariko
Marry: Kat

User Info: MyZombieFiancee

4 years ago#8
Kill: Spike
Bone: Fatty P (both kingdoms at once)
Marry: Red Fatty P. Blue was a one night stand.
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User Info: Selite

4 years ago#9
Pineapple Surprise!

User Info: satat317

4 years ago#10
I wouldnt kill anyone, because killing is wrong. Although I think I would dismantle raiden to the piece of scrap he really is. I'd have *** with Nariko, and Marry Nariko. the things I'd do to my babe. In a fanboys fictional world, I'd marry her. : D
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