Crash and Ramen Sackboy players.

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User Info: Sabkoy24

4 years ago#61
Pink_a_Dink posted...
lucapit posted...
Yeah rage quiters always forget..i dont blame you for it

That was total ownage. 10/10.

What a surprise you'll believe anything
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User Info: crash-b-fan23

4 years ago#62
CraftyScenarios posted...
crash-b-fan23 posted...
Blindsided20 posted...
Tried running against 2 Sack Crew with a Fat P....felt like she lost 10 pounds just trying to run through. I just didn't believe and I got served by a sackboy level 3 :(

You teamed with Eternal >:( I lost respect for you.
But anyways the only people we seemed to lose to yesterday were runners such as Eternal, and this parappa team. Not much Mr. Sackboy can do against this running because the projectiles can be dodged :(

If they had used Jak and Sir Dan, they would have lost because they couldn't have run and camped on the boombox. Next time, take a video to show how you won, because this was dirrrrrty

And this is why you can't take this game too seriously. It's got great elements, but there are aspects of the game that just don't work as a fighting game, and you hit on 2 of them.

1. Having a runaway tactic is legit, but most games limit how far you can really push that tactic (usually by the game's mechanics). This game really has no limit. If it was a tourney, I could get my one kill, and if I really wanted to, I could indefinitely run away till you're making mistakes out of pure frustration.

2. Matchups in this game are a joke. Other games give characters enough options to take one anyone; some matchups are easier than others, but at least there is a range. In this game, the matchups are either 5-5 or 9-1...that's it. You've got a character like Raiden who dominates most of the cast, but cannot do a single thing against someone like Isaac. Again, if I was in a tourny situation, I would learn the entire cast, and I wouldn't even have to master everyone. Just counter pick everyone and you'll win. It's like Rock Paper Scissors: The Videogame.

Moral of the story: play the game, have fun, and don't be so butthurt about losing in an unfinished game that for some reason, we all enjoy playing.

I'm not butthurt in the slightest my man, my stats show 1778 wins and 120 losses, so be it. Can't win every game. I know for a fact that 2 matches that were troll matches don't determine my skill so this doesn't really affect me.

Sure, we can say running is legit, but definitely not brag-worthy. At this point it's a glorified troll match that I really don't care much for.
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