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User Info: LightEcoSage

4 years ago#1
This moveset is based on Jak's character from Jak II with the first game appearing under his Legacy and hypothetically the 3rd game never having existed "only" to make canon/relevance to my moveset. Jak's original voice actor, Mike Erwin, is also Jak's voice actor involved with this moveset.

Jak is an all around fighter with some mobility aspects and uses a variety of up close and ranged weaponry to take down foes. Also has a bit of powerful melee's, but lacks true long combos. Jak is mostly a mid-long ranged keeping his space & distance kind of character.

Character Selection Screen Image-

Quotes When Selected:
- I'm gonna kill them! -Jak
- They don't seem so tough. -Daxter
- I've got a few surprises. -Jak

- Costumes:
Default costume (New World Jak) -
DLC Alt (Old World Jak) -
* This costume changes Jak & Daxter Selection screen poses.

Unlockable (Prison Jak) -
2nd DLC Alt (Kid Jak) -

*Jak does not come with hair changes.

X Moves -

Up- High Jump: Jak performs a high jump from the ground. This goes higher then a double jump (similar to Sly's Mega jump).

Down- Rolling Long Jump: Which ever direction Jak is facing while pressing this button will allow Jak to roll and perform a wide jump. This move will plow into opponents and put them in a crumbled state. If an opponent isn't hit with this move, after landing you will have the option to do an instant jump by pressing X (if timed right).

Square Moves -

Neutral- Jak and Daxter Spinkick: Jak spins 360 degrees with Daxter. Jak is able to move while spinning by holding the directional button. Air version does the same.

Sides- Dashing Punch: Jak dashes forward punching anyone in his path. An uppercut can be used after the punch if it misses or is used freely. If an opponent blocks then Jak cannot uppercut after the punch. Air version Jetboard Dash. After the dash a punch can follow for a combo.

Down- Super Dive Attack: Jak leaps up into the air and dives down using his hands creating a damage zone that sends opponents flying upwards. He rebounds up into the air and back onto his feet. If down square is pressed again during rebound Jak can do another Dive attack. Air version works the same w/o the initial leap.

Up- Uppercut: Jak does a leaping uppercut that lifts opponents back slightly. Air version works the same.

Special square combo's:
[ ] into side triangle will perform the spinkick rapid fire blaster combo. 4 hit combo.

[ ] into side circle will perform the spinkick scatter gun combo. 2 hit combo. Scatter gun comes out immediately.

[ ] into neutral triangle will perform the spinkick rapid fire vulcan fury combo. Only 3 shots from this gun will actually hit. 4 hit combo.

-The spinkick will always send the opponent flying while the guns have automatic aiming & start-up during this sequence "only", to hit them before the full knockback. These gun combos also work after the dashing punch, which is known as the wastelander combo (without the gun-butt).
"It's heading for the city. We gotta defend it... for Damas."

User Info: LightEcoSage

4 years ago#2
Triangle -

Neutral- Vulcan Fury: (A mixture of Drakes Gau 19 and Jak's Arc Wielder). Jak will be stuck in place while shooting several shots, but has the ability to aim up and down. The first couple of shots are slow then eventually the rapid-fire picks up. Last 2 shots will always cause an eject knock-down. Air version has rapid fire instantly.

Sides- Blaster: (Like how it was for current Jak pre-patch 1.10). Jak will shoot out 3 shots with consistent firing speed while either tapping the button or holding it. This will cause an eject knock-down. Air version works the same.

Up- Peace Maker: Fires a plasma ball that explodes after a short distance. While traveling in the air if any opponents are nearby the plasma ball will home in on them. This gun can also be charged (similar to Sir dans arrow), which grants 5+ AP and 1 extra sec of stun. Air version works the same.

Down- Shock Bots: (Similar to Ratchet's agents of dooms). Jak tosses out 2 shock bots, (which are slightly bigger & much faster then Ratchet's AGDs). They only have one way of attacking and that's through physical contact. Their electric emitting bodies act as a physical attack that no normal melee attack can destroy. Furthermore, the ground version can be used twice in a row only, (totaling 4) before summoning more. Air version allows Jak to summon 4 at once with a slight speed reduction in movement, because they travel in a mini pack. Jak cannot summon more until they are destroyed.

Circle -

Neutral- Dark Counter: (Similar to Raiden's) Jak will take upon a 'don't touch/hit me pose' where after he's hit he will then quickly turn into Dark Jak and hit an opponent with one slash that puts them in a state and animation where they will slowly fall to the ground. Air version is Jet-board Counter: This is where Jak will detect an opponent about to hit him and will flip himself on his jet-board so that the opponent attacks the bottom layer of the jet-board, which negates the attack from the opponent, sends them flying in a short distance, and Jak back on the ground after a full flip. If the air version is used towards a projectile the projectile will be deflected back at the opponent.

Side- Scatter Gun: (Similar to Isaac's Force gun & Jak's Wave Concussor). Jak will shoot out a wide burst of red eco from his gun that pushes enemies back (like Isaac's force gun, but with the push back range of the WC) allowing for close range combo's. Air version act as the WC air version.

Up- KG Grenade Launcher: (Similar to Isaac's Incendiary Grenade) Jak shoots out a grenade that has an arced trajectory, and will explode into purplish energy a second or two after landing on the ground. If the grenade hits someone directly then they will be lifted up. Same applies to if they touch the bomb on the ground before it explodes on it's own.

Down- Security Drone: This drone attacks in 2 stages. When the drone is used it will attack/fire with 2 powerful orange blaster at the same-time for opponents who get within a certain range of him, which it will say, "Access Denied, targeting." After a few secs for the first shots it will fire it's shots again only if the opponent is still within certain range, which will be the end of the move until used again. It also has good defense (almost exactly the same as Emmett's turret). Air version works the same.
"It's heading for the city. We gotta defend it... for Damas."

User Info: LightEcoSage

4 years ago#3

Side- Rapid Jet-board attack: Jak after grabbing, will perform a 360 continuous spin on the Jetboard that chips away at the opponent and eventually sends them flying due to the power of the spin & JB.

Up- Plasmite Bomb: After grabbing, Daxter is seen attacking the opponent in multiple places (per sec) as Jak gets the Plasmite Bomb ready. After Jak takes it out and places one hand behind it, it will be in activation mode and Jak will give it to the opponent while Daxter returns to Jak. This throw sends the opponent vertically up.

Down- Gun-butt: After grabbing, Jak will hit the opponent with whatever gun is in Jak's hand causing a hard knock-down. While holding the Vulcan Fury, Jak will show a different gun-butt animation, but the grab effects and duration will be the same.


Level 1- 2nd Best Racer (Similar to Sly's Level 1 + Drake's level 1): Erol appears driving on a NYFE Zoomer with his target being to run over Jak. As Erol is driving he says, "I win Jak" , but Jak moves aside and Erol hits whoever is in front of Jak. If an opponent is hit directly the zoomer will cause an explosion instantly that hits nearby enemies. If Erol misses an opponent he will explode as he reaches the end of the range of the super (leading to believe he hit something on the ground and/or lost control from too much speed).

Level 2- Dark Jak (Controllable Super): Jak transforms into Dark Jak. (Highly similar to Raiden's Lv2) Upon transforming if any opponents are in front of Jak they will be stunned. During this super Jak can be controlled and use all his dark melee attacks to kill. Air side square becomes an aerial claw that moves Jak a little towards either side. In addition if any opponents are directly in contact with Jak they will be stunned for a certain time period instead of dying instantly. Jak will also be able to use Dark Bomb or Dark Blast, but both of those moves will always immediately end Jak's Lv2 super even if they're used at the start of the super.

Level 3- Mar's Gun (Cinematic Super): As the cinematic starts you'll here Jak say, "Let's take care of business" and right after, Daxter saying, "this ought to finish them." As the super is active Jak will be seen with the Precursor Stone on the ground looking at Mar's Gun then gets on the platform-elevator, which quickly goes up. When he gets to the top he will walk to the left and insert the Precursor Stone in the slot and after that Jak is shown with a smirk expression along with Daxter as well. Mar's Gun is shown warming up then a sec later you'll see the green energy moving throughout the gun and when it gets to the end of the gun the gun will release a large powerful green energy screen clearing beam.


- You're Not Worthy - Jak holds the Precursor Stone at a horizontal angle and a Precursor projection comes out and says, "only Mars Heir is Worthy."

- This Is Serious! - Daxter is seen making different teasing faces. After the 3rd face Jak slaps him on the back of the head. Daxter looks at Jak with a 'what?' face while Daxter scratches the back of his head.

- Is That All? - Jak crosses his arms and says, "only the power of the Precursors can save you." Daxter is seen shaking his head up and down two times and grinning while Jak is talking.
"It's heading for the city. We gotta defend it... for Damas."

User Info: LightEcoSage

4 years ago#4

-Where The Hell Am I!? - Jak is seen walking, turns around while saying," where the hell am I!?", looks up and back around while still looking around to the front while still walking to his destination.

-This Place Is Worth Fighting For - Jak with a serious expression on his face pulls out the Scatter Gun, lock and load it, and takes a defending stance while saying, "This place is worth fighting for." (This intro was pretentiously made to resemble the Jak II box-art).

-A New World - The Rift Gate is shown in the sky and Jak comes flying out hands first, but catches himself, flips, and lands while Daxter comes out, lands on his stomach and slides.

-Let's Do This - The Air Train flies on screen. As it lands the back door opens and Jak comes jumping out with his morph gun while Daxter hanging on and says, "Let's do this dax." While saying that Jak's morph gun morphs into the scatter gun.


-Demolition Duo - Jak appears wearing his bandanna, holding the blaster behind himself with one hand, one foot on the back of the Jetboard causing it to be at an diagonal upwards angle and the other foot on the ground. Daxter is shown leaning on Jak's leg that isn't on the Jet-board with his arms crossed.

-I Can't Control It - Jak is seen in a slight crouching pose with his hands out mid-widly and dark eco streaks emitting from his body with (which would make one think Jak just got done using his dark Eco form).

-I'm Just Getting Started - Jak is seen with his back turned and his scatter gun held downwards at the ground. He puts the scatter in his back pouch and turns his head with a smirk on his face.

-Like Candy From A Baby - Jak is seen with a smirk on his face while his fist is out diagonally downwards for Daxter to fist him back who also has grin on his face.

Losing Outro's:

- Jak puts one foot one way while appearing as he's in a 'about to faint' state then falls back. Daxter jumps off before Jak falls back.

- Jak is seen in his dark form with both his hands over his face and returning to his normal form.

- Jak is shown in his dark state spinning around in the air unleashing dark eco everywhere in a discharge form. Daxter is shown in a pose with one leg up and arm over his face concluding he is in state of intimidation and fear.

- Jak is shown with his arms crossed, squinting his eyes, and looking to the side and Daxter is seen on Jak's shoulder, has his arms crossed, and looks in the opposite way of Jak.

Result Screen-

Win: Jak is with his arms crossed. Daxter is shown on Jak's shoulder sleeping.

Lose: Jak lies unconscious on the ground while Daxter tries to wake him up.

Keira, Samos, Ashelin and Torn.

Victory Musics:

-Armed Heroes:
0.04 - 0.11

-Heir of Mar:
0.34 - 0.39

Idle stance: Jak holds the Ruby Key half way in the air like theres meaning to it then puts it away.

Idle animation: Jak is seen actively pumped.

Running animation: Runs as he did in Jak II.

Dodge animation: Rolls as he did in Jak TPL/Jak II.

Block animation: Blocks with the blaster.

Jump and crouch animation: Does so as he did in Jak II.
"It's heading for the city. We gotta defend it... for Damas."

User Info: judgementaeon

4 years ago#5
It's good, I like it lol
For those of you who seem to hate me, I'm sorry for whatever I did, I mean it...can I please just be left alone for once...

User Info: G-Scythe

4 years ago#6
nice job, i like it more than the Jak in this game ( '-')b
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User Info: LightEcoSage

4 years ago#7
G-Scythe posted...
nice job, i like it more than the Jak in this game ( '-')b

Still editing. I saw 2 links weren't working. And of course. I knew I was going to make it better then current Jak because I know more about Jak then SB and am more dedicated -_-
"It's heading for the city. We gotta defend it... for Damas."

User Info: LightEcoSage

4 years ago#8
judgementaeon posted...
It's good, I like it lol

Thanks. There's so much relevance in this moveset, which is to me what really makes it stand out and catches the essence of Jak perfectly. Worked really hard on it.
"It's heading for the city. We gotta defend it... for Damas."

User Info: judgementaeon

4 years ago#9
LightEcoSage posted...
judgementaeon posted...
It's good, I like it lol

Thanks. There's so much relevance in this moveset, which is to me what really makes it stand out and catches the essence of Jak perfectly. Worked really hard on it.

Lol, to be honest, I plan on making a Nilin (Remember Me) moveset if I can eventually
For those of you who seem to hate me, I'm sorry for whatever I did, I mean it...can I please just be left alone for once...

User Info: ButKevinBacon

4 years ago#10
Awesome idea for level 3. Combat Racer Jak's level 3: leaves the other players crushed under a car, walks away, and then the car explodes.
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