You Got... My Self-Created Mega Man moveset

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User Info: G-Scythe

4 years ago#1
Mega Man
Mega Man is a gimmick character. He has 25 stances, 24 of which he unlocks as he defeats opponents (like in his own games). When he kills someone, he gains a new stance based on their abilities like in his own games. You start with one default stance (Mega Buster) and can unlock up to 3 new stances throughout the course of battle.
Affectionately referred to as Jump n' Shoot Man by fans, that pretty much describes his playstyle.

Square: (Melee)
N: Robo Fu - 3 hit combo. Megaman punches with his right arm, punches with his buster, and then backhands with his right arm.
S: Mega Arm - chargeable. Megaman shoots out his right arm a short distance which returns to him magnetically
U: Mega Upper - shoryuken-like attack with his buster.
D: Slide - Megaman slides forward a short distance

Triangle: (Weapons)
N: Charge - Holdable. Megaman starts to charge his next Mega Buster attack. He can run around while charging his attack. If he is attacked or blocks, the charge dissipates. When done charging, hold the direction you want to shoot the charged attack. Charged attacks are usually larger and gain more AP. They also break blocks. I will describe any other unique added effects in my character power list.
Megaman has a special ability where he can shoot in 8 directions, so you just move the stick in the direction where you want to shoot. With no charge, just hold the stick to the direction you want and tap triangle to shoot the basic version of that weapon.

Circle: (Stance Changes)
N: Default - Mega Buster Stance - Gives Mega Man his iconic basic Mega Buster.
S: 1st Upgrade - When you kill an opponent, their weapon takes up this slot.
U: 2nd Upgrade - When you kill a second enemy (provided they are different from the previous opponent), their weapon takes up this slot.
D: 3rd Upgrade - When you kill the third enemy (provided they are different from the previous two opponents), their weapon takes up this slot.
Note: If an opponent is another Mega Man, then it won't take a stance space. Stance changes are almost instantaneous. Will display “You got ____” over his head when he gets a new stance. Each character gives Mega Man a unique color scheme.

S: Mega Man grabs the opponent, loads him/her into Mega Buster and shoots them out.
U: Same as side, but aims upward.
D: Mega Man forces opponent onto his/her knees and then shoots them in the head, causing a crumple.

Blocking animation: uses Protoman's shield

LVL 1: Rush Drive - Rush appears, turning into a random vehicle, and drives forward a short distance before disappearing. All vehicles have the same hitbox, only change is cosmetic. Mega Man rides him during this transformation and only hitting Mega Man's head will cancel the super. Vehicles include Rush Drill, Bike, Marine, and Jet.
LVL 2: HYPER MEGA BUSTER!: Megaman charges up his Mega Buster, shooting off a huge power beam. (Like in the Vs Series) Can be aimed to shoot forward or upward. Forward is default, hold up during charge to shoot up instead.
LVL3: Super Mega Man: Mega Man combines with Rush to turn into Super Mega Man.
In this form, Mega Man can fly around freely. Square button shoots off his right arm, which homes in on enemies and explodes. Triangle shoots Hyper Bolts, which can be aimed in 8 directions and are about as large as fully charged Mega Buster shots. Circle shoots off a large beam attack, which can be aimed in the standard 4 axis but has long start-up and cool-down.
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User Info: G-Scythe

4 years ago#2
Character Power List: Mega Man receives a unique weapon from each character (excluding himself) when he kills them. Color schemes listed next to them.

Mega Man (default) – Mega Buster. Shoots a small orb of energy with very little hitstun, can be rapid tapped. Charged version is a much larger ball of energy that knocks opponents away.
Zeus - Divine Thunder. Charged version: Same as Zeus' charged version. (White/Gold/Eyes glow white)
Isaac - Stasis with slightly longer range. Charged version: Longer range and freezes for 3 1/2 seconds. (Gray/Brown/Eyes glow bright blue)
Emmett - MAW Rocket Launcher (doesn't need to be reloaded) but basic shots are smaller. Charged: Same as Emmett's default MAW. (Dark Red/Gray/Eyes glow green/Skin Brown)
Kat - Gravity Attract. Normal is smaller than Kat's. Charged: Area is larger than Kat's. (Black/Yellow)
Sir Dan - Battle Axe-a-Rang. Normal is smaller than Dan's. Charged: Slightly larger than Dan's. (Silver/Red/Skin becomes White)
Nariko - The Disk. Normal is Nariko's. Charged: Larger and ricochets more. (White/Purple/Helmet is Red)
Raiden - High-Frequency Blade. Instead of a projectile, Megaman has a sword attachment on his buster. Doesn't have 8-way shooting or charging. He can instead do Raiden's triangle attacks. (All Grey except face)
Evil Cole - Grenade - Megaman shoots the grenade forward, with no arc. Basic version has no double grenade. Charged: Scatter Grenade - On impact, the grenade splits into three grenades that go in 3 directions. (Dark Red/Black)
Good Cole - Sticky Grenade - Megaman shoots the sticky grenade forward, no arc. It sticks to opponents and surfaces. Charged: Larger version with larger explosion that can hit nearby opponents. (White/Grey)
Spike - Bananarang - Same as Spike's. Charged: Bigger banana that can go farther and doesn't auto return when hitting an opponent. (Red/White/Blue/Helmet is White with Red on top like Pipo ape)
Jak - Morph Gun. Default shots are Jak's Blaster shots. Charged: Instead of the Blaster, instead is one aimable Fully Charged Wave Concussor. (Blue/Brown/Yellow helmet)
Ratchet - Constructo Pistol - default is same as Ratchet's. Charged: Automatically shoots last shot of contructo pistol, with combined AP gain of all normal shots. (Orange/Dark Green)
Sly Cooper - Alarm Clock. default is same as Sly Cooper, arc depends on what direction you shoot from. Charged: Larger Time Clock that shoots straight and goes off when close to enemy. Puts out opponents for twice as long. (Blue/Grey)
Sweet Tooth - Death by Shotgun. Default is same as ST's. Charged: Flaming shotgun. Sends out huge flames that can hit multiple opponents. (Pink/White with Polka dots/Red Helmet)
Nathan Drake - Oil Drum. Default is smaller versions of Drake's, can shoot multiple ones out at once but disappear after a few seconds. Fall to ground in air in arc depending on shot. Charged: Pre-Nerf Barrel (Brown/Blue)
Big Daddy - Drill. Instead of a projectile, a drill attachment appears on MM's buster. Doesn't have 8-way shooting or charging. Instead copies Big Daddy's Triangle moves. (Rusty Brass coloring all over/Eyes glow yellow)
Radec - VC32 Sniper Rifle - default, same as Radec's but with less knockback and can be aimed. Charged: When charged, the sniper shot is instant. No start-up/cool down. (Black/Dark Red/eyes glow Orange)
Parappa - Microphone Grab - default. same as parappa's. Charged: Longer range/faster speed for grab (Beige/Blue/Orange helmet)
Toro - Fiery Mochi. Default same as Toro's. Charged: Same as Toro's charged version but goes farther (All white/Eyes become black)
Heihachi - Bowling Pin - Default, shoots the bowling pin in arc depending on shot. Charged: Beach Ball (Black/Flesh Color)
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User Info: G-Scythe

4 years ago#3
Dante - Ebony & Ivory - default shoots Dante's guns but with some hit stun. Charged: Shoots gun for longer and has more hit stun. (Black/White/Red)
Sackboy - Cake - default shoots a cake with same properties as Sackboy. only one at a time. Arc depends on shot. Charged: Larger cakes that go farther and stay forever. (All Brown/Black eyes)
Fat Princess - Mage Fireball - shoots default mage fireball, doesn't need to summon mage, does it on his own. Charged: Larger fireball that goes longer distance. (Pink/White)
Kratos - Chains of Olympus - Kratos' side square. No auto-aim, you aim it. Charged: Chains are faster and have longer reach. (White/Red/White face)

I’m gonna Beat ya: Beat appears over Mega Man’s head and flies around for a second while Mega Man watches him and smiles.
Robot’s Best Friend: Rush appears and Mega Man pets him.
Having a Ball: Mega Man kicks around a soccer ball (or football)

Default - Classic Mega Man:
Unlockable - Protoman:
Rush turns Blue
DLC - Bass:
Rush becomes Treble:

Victory Themes:
Hero of 200X:
On to the Next Robot Master:

Level Begin: Mega Man teleports onto the stage as a blue beam
Beat-down: Mega Man flies in holding onto Beat
Rush In: Mega Man rides in on the Rush Jet
Charging: Mega Man charges his Mega Buster and points it at the screen

Robot Master Defeated: Mega Man teleports out of the stage as a blue beam
Jump to the Beat: Mega Man jumps in the air while Beat flies around him
Rushin’ Out: Mega Man drives away on the Rush Bike
Smoking Blaster: Mega Man blows the smoke off his blaster and smiles
Mega Man explodes
Mega Man gets on his hands and knees
Rush crashes into Mega Man
Mega Man’s buster malfunctions

Arcade Intro:
*Begins with Mega Man standing on top of a skyscraper with his helmet off, he gets a holographic message from Doctor Light with Roll visible in the background* Doctor Light tells Mega Man that Dr. Wily has re-appeared, rebuilding all of the past robot masters. He is also looking to harness a strange power that both Dr. Wily and Dr. Light believe could create the most powerful robot master ever. *Mega Man puts on his helmet* Dr. Light tells Mega Man that he has traced the power source, but in order to get to it he will have to face foes unlike any Robot Masters he has seen before. He tells Mega Man to take Rush and Beat, as they might be of help and to be careful. *Mega Man turns into a blue laser in order to teleport away*

Rival Cutscene – Kirby
Mega Man is walking in Rival arena. He spots an E-Tank and starts to run to grab it. At the same time, Kirby sees the E-Tank, which he mistakes for a piece of cake. Kirby starts happily running to the E-Tank. As Mega Man is about to grab it, Kirby sucks it up and smiles. This angers Mega Man, but he lets it go. Then both of them see another E-Tank. Kirby starts to run for it, Mega Man jumps in front of him and starts charging his Mega Buster. He points it at Kirby, who has a confused look on his face.
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User Info: G-Scythe

4 years ago#4
Polygon Man finisher – Mega Man transforms into Super Mega Man and charges his Mega Buster to full power. He unleashes a huge beam, making Polygon Man explode. Then giant text appears above him, saying “You got Polygon Beam!” Mega Man’s armor turns purple.
*Mega Man inside Wily Castle in his new purple armor, all of the Robot Master lie before him defeated. Dr. Wily is in mech* Dr. Wily starts screaming out at them, saying they were useless, and that he will take care of Mega Man himself. Then you here him start freaking out and an explosion. *All the Robot Masters are now polygonized, standing behind Mega Man as their leader. Dr. Wily is next to his broken mech on his hands and knees with Bass in the back ground sweating from fear* Dr. Wily starts begging for Mega Man to forgive him and that he has changed. *Mega Man starts swirling with AP energy as he raises his buster to Dr. Wily’s head* Mega Man refuses, saying that he is going to do what he should have done years ago.

Stage: Spencer Estate (Resident Evil/Mega Man)
Theme 1:
Theme 2:
First part: The stage starts out with a fight on top of the Spencer Mansion. There are roaming crows that will sometimes fly across the stage, affecting anyone that touches them with Murder of the Crows. Besides that there isn’t much going on. Eventually a tyrant will burst out of the ceiling to attack you. But before he does anything, he is interrupted by a giant missile hitting the mansion. This causes the mansion to collapse and kills the tyrant. You are now on the first floor of the destroyed mansion. Then Dr. Wily’s Ship appears and he reveals himself, followed by sending other missiles to destroy the ground floor.
Second part: You fall through the floor onto an elevator, which starts slowly going down to the Umbrella Laboratories. In the background you can see labs and monsters as you descend. As the elevator descends you are attacked by the original 6 robot masters. (Cut Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man, Elec Man) Only one appears at a time and the order is random. They’re attacks are the same from Mega Man 1. Their attacks knock out AP, but you can attack them back. Attacking them will give you meter, and each is destroyed after sustaining 200 AP worth of damage or by supers. After one is destroyed, it will be replaced by the next one until all 6 are destroyed. After all 6 are destroyed, the elevator will stop at the bottom floor and Dr. Wily will start to attack you from his ship. His ship will break after sustaining 300 AP, and then he will drop and beg in the background.
This stage introduces possible new strategies. You can ignore the robot masters, and focus on your opponent. It’s completely possible to finish a match without killing one. You can decide to focus on attacking the robot masters instead of your opponent. Maybe you are your opponent can also temporarily team up to get rid of the robot masters so they don’t distract you.

As Mega Man, use your Lvl3 in the Spencer Estate: “I’m my own Master”
As Mega Man, beat arcade mode: “You Got…”
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User Info: LightEcoSage

4 years ago#5
Damn, nice.
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User Info: DrunkenMegaman

4 years ago#6
I approve of this.
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User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#7
LightEcoSage posted...
Damn, nice.

Dayum indeed. Very good, I like the stance change thing really unique. and now I want to make stages for each character >_< DAMN YOU G-SCYYYYYYYYYYYYYYTHE.

Oh well, luckily I already have some to go with a few of them :D
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User Info: G-Scythe

4 years ago#8
DrunkenMegaman posted...
I approve of this.

You got...

Tap to shoot beer cans at opponents.
Charge: Starts chugging beer, which gives you AP but slows down mobility for a short time.
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User Info: G-Scythe

4 years ago#9
Dsurions_Wrath posted...
LightEcoSage posted...
Damn, nice.

Dayum indeed. Very good, I like the stance change thing really unique. and now I want to make stages for each character >_< DAMN YOU G-SCYYYYYYYYYYYYYYTHE.

Oh well, luckily I already have some to go with a few of them :D

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User Info: LluaZarg

4 years ago#10
Heh, nice moveset. I like it.
PSN: Lluazarg
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