this game changed my life

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User Info: Davidgrayman

4 years ago#121
Ginta2468 posted...
judgementaeon posted...
Davidgrayman posted...
iGGYHo3 posted...
crashbfan rlly is dabess afterall huh .-.?

No, Vin is.

Hm, ok. I've never fought any other Sabkboy player here, and I suck, so yeah lol, I didn't know this either.

Lol Vin doesn't even play Sackboy, and in a tourney I took him to grand finals 2. He plays Zeus and Kratos, not the Sack XD

*sigh* my unfunny joke is officially ruined
lol @ the fact that about 100 of these posts were made by the same 4 people
The official Pepsimaaaaaaaaaaaaaan of the PSASBR board.

User Info: Baby-DoLLx0

4 years ago#122

User Info: ButKevinBacon

4 years ago#123
Baby-DoLLx0 posted...


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