The Pyro (another TF2) moveset

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User Info: KingTumbleweed

4 years ago#1
Inspired by (, I made this. Soooo...

Default- Generic (RED) Pyro. In the colours of Blue(BLU), Green and Black.
Unlock- Concept Art Pyro ( Comes in RED, BLU, Green and Gray colouring.
Alt 1- Infernal Imp. Comes in RED, BLU, Black and Brown.
Alt 2- Voodoo-Cursed Pyro Soul. Comes in RED, BLU, Black and White.


Neutral- Flamethrower- Fires a stream of flames directly in front of the Pyro. The Pyro can continously fire the stream for 10 seconds, after which, they have to reload. The stream can be aimed up or down and the Pyro is able to move forward and backwards. Each little burst earns 5 AP per second. Leaves an afterburn that gives back 1 AP for 5 seconds.

Side- Backburner- Performs similarly to the Flamethrower. Earns 10 AP instead of 5 and 20 AP when attacking from behind. Can only be used for 3 seconds before reloading. Leaves an afterburn that gives back 1 AP for 5 seconds.

Up- Degreaser- Quick stream of fire aimed upwards. Earns 1 AP per burst. Otherwise identical to the Flamethrower.

Down- Degreaser- Identical to the above, except aimed in a circle around the Pyro.


Neutral- Shotgun- Pulls out its shotgun and shoots forward, sending enemies flying at close range for 20 AP. If only the projectiles hit at longer range, deals 5 AP and buttdrops enemies. Can be used 6 times before reloading.

Side- Flare Gun- Fires a long range projectile that breaks upon impact with an enemy. Inflitcts afterburn, giving you 1 AP per second for 5 seconds. Initial hit deals 10 AP, 20 AP if the enemy is already on fire.

Up- Reverse Shooter- Quickly fires a shotgun shot upwards at a diagonal angle. At close range, the shot sends opponents flying at 15 AP while longer range shots make opponents flinch for 5 AP. When this is equipped, if it hits an opponent in this time, its AP bonus is increased to 25 AP.

Down- Detonator/Scorch Shot- Shoots a Detonator shot downwards, elevating the Pyro into the air. The explosion caused by this is small and earns 10 AP. In the air, the Pyro equips the Scorch Shot and fires the flare downwards. When the flare hits the ground, it stays, rolling on the ground, for 3 seconds. If the flare hits an enemy, they are left with an afterburn. The flare shot deals 15 AP. An enemy hitting the rolling flare gives off 5 AP.


Neutral- Fire Axe- The Pyro pulls out its Fire Axe and swings downwards, knocking down opponents for 20 AP.

Side- Axtinguisher- The Pyro pulls out the Axtinguisher and swings horizontally, sending opponents rolling across the ground. Does 10 AP if the opponent wasn't on fire, 30 AP if the opponent was.

Up- Sharpened Volcano Fragment- Swings the flaming axe above its head, slashing the air above with fire. Foes hit with the axe deal 10 AP. Leaves an afterburn.

Down- Powerjack- Pulls the large Powerjack from behind them and brings the hammer down after a pause. Causes knockdown. In the air, the Pyro lifts the hammer, and slams it hard on the ground upon landing. Gives off 15 AP.

Dun u dare post!
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User Info: KingTumbleweed

4 years ago#2

Level 1- Hadoken- The Pyro pulls back and fires off a Hadoken. The Hadoken travels through players. About the range and size of Dante's Level 1 projectile. 125 AP cost.

Level 2- Phlogistinator- The Pyro raises the Phlogistinator above the head with a battle cry as a menacing aura appears around them. The Pyro is now immune to damage and every hit kills. Lasts 10 seconds. 375 AP cost.

Level 3- Pyroland- The Pyro wanders around in a blank space as the camera zooms in on its optic lenses, revealing the wonders of Pyroland. Every enemy is turned into a baby cherub and cannot attack, but can move. The Pyro is free to move and kill every single one of them.


All grabs can reflect can projectiles.

Up- The Pyro compression blasts the enemy up into the air and proceeds to shoots them with a shotgun blast.

Side- The Pyro compression blasts the enemy forward and proceeds to shoot them with a flare from the Scorch Shot.

Down- The Pyro compression the blasts the enemy to the ground and crushes them with the Powerjack.


1. The Pyro thrusts their weapon into the air and yells.
2. The Pyro plays air guitar on their Fire Axe.
3. The Pyro laughs, putting their face into the hands.

You know, I'll finish up with the intros/outros/themes tomorrow, I don't have the time right now...>__>
Official Ferrothorn(Spaghetti) of Pokemon X/Y boards. Shadow Ferrothorn Admin of somewhere.
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User Info: MetroidMewtwo

4 years ago#3
Hm... Pretty good. I think I might try doing another TF2 class after seeing this, actually.
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