My movelists for mortal kombat characters

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User Info: MKWARRIOR2000

4 years ago#1
I'm only doing the 1st game for now & I can't think of square & triangle attacks except a few 1 Scorpion neutral circle spear down circle hellfire side circle demonic slide up circle flaming teleport punch can also attack with his swords level 1 super scorpion morph doesn't rip anyones torso off but injects them with poison after stinging them which makes them yell & explode & disappear for a kill like Sheeva in mkt level 2 toasty unmasks showing skull & blows fire everywhere while turning burning anyone alive that isn't blocking announcer then says toasty level 3 armageddon raises arms & several Scorpion clones appear & beat foes as the screen turns black then there not there afterwards Sub-Zero neutral circle ice blast side circle ice slide down circle ground freeze up circle ice clone ice shower or ice nugget from MKVSDCU at random can also attack with ice sword/kori blade level 1 super head & spine rip though the foe just instantly vanishes level 2 ice grenade level 3 deep freeze

User Info: Nightstryk3r619

4 years ago#2
Not mine, but I'll plug it for him...

This one is mine :D
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User Info: MKWARRIOR2000

4 years ago#3
Sorry I ran out of room on my PS3.

Reptile neutral circle acid spit side circle slow/fast force ball tap circle while pressing left or right to use slow press & hold firmly to use fast down circle speedy serpent/running elbow bash up circle invisibility can only be used every 10 seconds side triangle acid hand down triangle power acid slide level 1 super swallow takes off his mask revealing his green scaly reptilian head & brings out his giant lizard tongue & if he makes contact with an enemy he pulls them head first into his mouth & eats them whole for a kill
level 2 acid puke he pukes acid on an enemy which burns at there skin for a few seconds until they die and vanish & any foes that touch the acid covered foe will also later die
level 3 invisible slash turns invisible & if already invisible he reappears then turns invisible again then runs towards every foe & cuts them in half with his claws but they just vanish.

Johnny Cage neutral circle plasmic fireball tap circle for high curved press firmly for low curved side circle green shadow kick down circle split punch though since this is a kid friendly game he will probably hit foes in the stomach instead of the crotch up circle green shadow uppercut up circle while in air green back flip kick level 1 super deadly uppercut foes just disappear level 2 torso pull without sever level 3 punching bag punches a foe repeatedly in the gut if he connects & with a final punch he sends him/her flying off screen for a kill & they will kill any foe they bump into.

Rayden/Raiden neutral circle lightning bolt side circle vicinity blast chargeable up circle torpedo/flying dive down circle teleport foes that comes into contact with him while he uses the move take 10 ap damage level 1 super exploding shock tries to grab a foe & if he is successful he shocks them until they disappear in an explosion level 2 exploding uppercut see above level 3 god essence release clears the screen but Raiden himself loses 1 life.

Kano regular circle knife throw side circle eye laser down circle knife uppercut up circle cannonball level 1 heart rip you don't see it though level 2 skeleton rip there body disappears but there skeleton doesn't and he throws it flying offscreen which kills anybody hit by it level 3 laser surgery shoots his eye laser beam everywhere screen clearer

User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#4
Nightstryk3r619 posted...
Not mine, but I'll plug it for him...

This one is mine :D

That reminds me that I REALLY need to get around to finishing the edit/balance of Sub-Zero >_<
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User Info: MKWARRIOR2000

4 years ago#5
Reptile could also use his giant lizard tongue as an attack and his acid hand as a square or triangle attack as well as his acid power slide

Liu Kang neutral circle high/low dragon dragon headed fireball tap circle for high press firmly as in hold it for low side circle flying kick/bicycle kick tap circle while pressing left or right for flying kick press firmly for bicycle kick down circle parry up circle dragon's tail
level 1 super arcade drop disappears & a mortal kombat 1 arcade machine unit falls on the stage which will kill any enemy or enemies instantly if there is a smaller foe nearby and he/she is small enough for 2 foes to get crushed to death by it for example Jak & Kat the arcade unit then vanishes soon afterwards

Level 2 Super giant dragon headed fireball based on his 1st fatality in deception he charges up a super powerful dragon headed fireball while taking one of the opponent's body heat or chi away from them & then fires it which blows the foe off the stage & any enemies that are hit by the flying defeated foe are also killed & sent off stage.

Level 3 Super dragon morph animality he turns into a giant dragon but instead of biting someones torso off he breathes fire everywhere while turning around burning all foes alive clearing the screen.

Rayden neutral circle lightning bolt side circle vicinity blast chargeable down circle static teleport can shock foes that come into contact making them lose AP up circle flying torpedo dive uses electrocute as his forward throw move and electric slide as a triangle attack level 1 super exploding shock level 2 super exploding uppercut level 3 god essence release he dies in the process but it clears the screen.

Scorpion could also use his fire breath as a triangle move as well as his flaming back flip kick & his inner flames and his slide attack move is called leg take down he could also use his air throw & Kano could also use his fist of power & his choke as his forward throw & ground choke as down throw.

Sonya neutral circle energy rings/sonic rings down circle leg grab side circle kiss of death or poisonous kiss up circle vertical bicycle kicks she could also use her kartwheel as a triangle move & he air leg grab throw/slam level 1 super flaming kiss of death level 2 bubble crush can incase & kill more than 1 foe level 3 air strike she calls for back up & a fighting/swat helicopter appears & fires several bullets & missiles at foes clearing the screen.

Shang Tsung neutral circle flaming skulls can fire three on the screen at a time side circle soul stealer/character morph/body morph down circle hot escape up circle volcanic eruption level 1 super soul stealer tries to grabs a foe & if successful he steals there soul making there body vanish level 2 unholy bed of spikes raises a bed of metal bladed razor sharp spikes out of the ground & tries to grab a foe if he does so he slams them on the spikes fatally impaling him/her making them stay stuck for a couple seconds let out there death cry and then vanish the spikes stay on the ground for about five seconds so he can knock someone else on them & kill them level 3 super volcanic eruption clears the screen he can also use his slide move from MKVSDCU.

Goro neutral circle fireball he either spits it out of his mouth or throws it from 1 of his four arms side circle spinning back hand slaps sometimes there on fire increasing AP Damage/Loss down circle teleport stomp up circle ground stomp sometimes slams the ground with his hands instead.

Level 1 super super fireball level 2 super teleport stomp the shock waves will also prove fatal if they make contact level 3 dragon fangs combo massacre his weapons from MKD gamecube version & armageddon.
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