nariko spam?

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User Info: DreoreSilere

4 years ago#11
ZavalsBiz posted...
Wow, I am loving your passion right now. Marry me. Haha.

That's it, I'm telling Nate.

AMP1317 posted...
It's very rare that Nariko can AP burst off her neutral square.
Also, it's hard for her to win a match. Her supers are just... The only good one is her level 3, and even then I don't normally get tons of kills with it. People in the air are hard to reach...

Quite true.

FYI, the 2nd tier of Neutral [ ] (yellow chains) will never connect if the opponent blocks or dodges at the gap between it and the 1st tier (blue dual blades). And like you said, it rarely starts an AP Burst in the first place because the 7th hit causes a heavy slam knockdown on people with normal hitboxes. It can only lead to an AP Burst if the 7th hit misses...this would be on characters like another Nariko, and the short characters like Toro or Sackboy.

I have gotten 9 kills in FFA Stock with her Level 3 before on Rival Arena and Dojo. On maps like Sandover Village, Paris, and especially Black Rock Stadium, I usually get at most 3 kills.
I should go.

User Info: ZavalsBiz

4 years ago#12
DrunkenMegaman posted...
ZavalsBiz posted...
ZavalsBiz posted...
DreoreSilere posted...
ZavalsBiz posted...
"Idiot". You need sleep also. You're coming off as a bit hostile, I'm sure he's joking.

No, I'm not going to stand for this injustice to Nariko.

Once again, Nariko canNOT spam square to win. The only move reminiscent of spamming is her Aerial Up Square (circle chains), and that was already been toned down 3 months ago.

Wow, I am loving your passion right now. Marry me. Haha.

Darn, how did "marvelous" become "marry me". Though I did misspell it awfully.

Too late, I'm telling Nate. -Dr. Seuss

No! It was auto-correct. I didn't mean it, I even corrected myself. Why do you guys gotta try and ruin my relationship?
Nate gave me a warm hug, "Your love is the only treasure I need," as he held me, I finally admitted it to him, "I love you, Nate."

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