So Kratos...

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User Info: TheBlackAce222

4 years ago#1
Would he be a Green Lantern or a Red Lantern?

I've been trying to figure this out, he has a great amount of willpower but also an immense amount of rage.

Or would he just be Guy Gardner and be both?
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User Info: Littlejeffery

4 years ago#2
My blaster runs hot.
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User Info: Retroxgamer0

4 years ago#3
Littlejeffery posted...
My blaster runs hot.

my blaster runs really really hot!

User Info: BkzIzu

4 years ago#4
He's be the Yellow or Brown Lantern.

User Info: DrunkenMegaman

4 years ago#5
BkzIzu posted...
He's be the Yellow or Brown Lantern.
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User Info: Davidgrayman

4 years ago#6
Oh Red Lantern hands down....wait what is this anyways week one of the Injustice board lol?
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User Info: TheRPGKey

4 years ago#7
Come on guys every one knows he would be one of those pink lanterns (cant remember what their called) that fought for love.

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