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User Info: Skazzasurf

3 years ago#1
Hi, I've been lurking this board for a while and have decided to introduce myself to the community and hopefully become a part of it. I've had this game for a little under a month now and I absolutely love it! Sure, there are some (many) problems, but overall the game is sound. I also hope that I can play with some of you guys sometimes, and since many of you are probably better than me help me get better. I especially want to get help with Sly since I can't seem to break noob habits of his. If we play online please know I'm decent. I'd say I'm better than most of the brain dead spammers that play this game, but I struggle to win matches sometimes. Thanks for reading, hope I can play with some of you :D

User Info: DeZAde

3 years ago#2
aw sheet son...

im the main character of the board, glad to meet you friend.

I can play you if you want, i need someone to play with

User Info: XDarkMethod

3 years ago#3
nice to meet you
PSN: XxDark_ExilexX
PSASBR Mains: Spike, Kat, Nariko

User Info: Skazzasurf

3 years ago#4
D'oh ninja'd. Glad to meet both of you! My PSN is I_is_pro_likedat, if my friends list is full post yours and I'll add you when I get back from school

User Info: TheConduitGene

3 years ago#5
Hey, welcome to the board.
Metal Great Online, Rests in Outer Heaven

User Info: Skazzasurf

3 years ago#6
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. My PSN is in the topic, post yours if it's full and I'll add you all up

User Info: TheJButton

3 years ago#7
At least you know what to expect. Add me, TheJButton.
Truth does not matter if you do nothing with it and even then we know nothing as we cannot know with certainty.

User Info: ZavalsBiz

3 years ago#8
Hopefully your lurkin' has taught ya how things work here.
"Everyone is an idiot but me."

User Info: LluaZarg

3 years ago#9
Hello Skazzasurf,

Welcome to the board. Feel free to ask me if you want to know
anything about Sly.
PSN: Lluazarg
If you like the people from the All-Stars board: http://xat.com/heartless_House

User Info: TheRealMurray

3 years ago#10
Hi! If you have any questions, just ask me. I'd be glad to help.
Glad I could help!

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