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User Info: ss4parrothair

3 years ago#1
Game is announced.

ss4parrothair comes to this board
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User Info: McFordmanson

3 years ago#2
Immediately people are making character wishlists including "no-brainers" like Spyro, Cloud, Snake, and Crash. Paul Gale hints abound.
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User Info: LluaZarg

3 years ago#3
ss4parrothair posted...
Game is announced.

ss4parrothair comes to this board

Our savior has arrived! Praise Superbot! They have managed to draw the elusive parrothair to this board with their game!
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User Info: DreoreSilere

3 years ago#4
I wish we could actually post casual topics about the community and players instead of directly about the actual game like PSAS Arena and Official Forums. I hate being reported for off-topic posting when it does have to do with the game. It's the reason why this place is so dead. It needs a social board.
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User Info: RealSlyCooper

3 years ago#5
A week into release. RealSlyCooper discovers gamefaqs and proceeds to flood the boards with topics.
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User Info: SalemFox

3 years ago#6
Starts a trend about Kat's feet
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User Info: Selite

3 years ago#7
RealSlyCooper posted...
A week into release. RealSlyCooper discovers gamefaqs and proceeds to flood the boards with topics.

I swear you came to this board months after release.
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User Info: TheConduitGene

3 years ago#8
I became a lurker when they were still announcing characters, just checked here once every 2 weeks though.
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User Info: KillDozer123

3 years ago#9
Back in those days, LuminescentRules LIKED the game. Then they announced the initial 20 character roster and he started hating it for no reason. XD
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User Info: snovvlybub

3 years ago#10
The full roster is revealed
Denial sets in
Everyone is a troll
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