my move set for Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons Of Liberty Raiden

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User Info: MKWARRIOR2000

4 years ago#11
level 1 super PSG1 sniper rifle head shot.
level 2 super Tactical Espionage Action - The non-lethal final smash of Raiden focuses more on the mercenaries surrounding the Plant, Jack using his BDU uniform to confuse the other players.

As soon as o is pressed, the stage is transformed into a vertical tunnel. It is now a conglomeration of militaristic moving platforms, mock 'guard stations' and this goes down a good length - it is around the size of the Metroid stage in Melee's adventure mode. Going all the way down, there are dozens of soldiers positioned all over the place. The stage is, however, open plan, so opponents can easily be knocked out through the top blastline.

The other players start off at the top of the screen and must travel down to the bottom of the transformed stage to end the super. Raiden is also there, disguised as another mercenary. As such, he has the same list of commands as above in his moveset's down special, except that by pressing (L) or (R), Jack will be taken out of his current disguise and can select another by scrolling through the soldiers with the same two buttons, choosing with (A). As there are soldiers all over the stage, this eliminates his past problem of maneuverability in the uniform. As well as soldiers, there is also an odd cypher hovering about the stage, which will alert the soldiers of the escapists' presence.

Gun cyphers still have fifty-percent and soldiers have sixty-percent health. Though it is unrecommended to try and fight the final smash-summoned machines and soldiers, as more and more will simply respawn.

Whilst the opponents of Raiden try to make their way down the transformed tunnel stage, Raiden's goal is to alert the mercenaries of their whereabouts. Utilising his side and up special whilst in this super, Raiden can indeed alert every soldier on screen of the opponents' presence, whereupon they will all try to neutralise the targets. They have their own moves - from far away, they shoot their pistols,* from short range, they attack with their AK74-u's as melee weapons - this in particular is what will knock them out if anything, having great vertical knockback.* As well as soldiers, up to five gun cyphers will be summoned at once depending on how high up the escapists are in the stage. Of note is that non-Raiden controlled NPCs can also spot the 'intruders' - if a player is jumping around, running or generally doing noisy things, an NPC can investigate.
*[2%] *[8%]

If any player reaches the bottom of the screen, they will fall through to the normal stage again. If they do this alone, the other escapees will be star KO'd. Also, camping anywhere on the final smash stage is impossible because of the cyphers - they automatically scan any area the intruders stay in for longer than five seconds, three seconds after this occurs (campers stay in one place for five seconds, then three seconds elapse, then cyphers). When there are no longer 'intruders,' the stage resets and the final smash is over. If escapists do not exit through the bottom of the final smash stage but still survive for twenty seconds, it will start to detoriorate from the bottom up - this process takes ten seconds to completely destroy the stage and this includes the mercenaries.

Raiden returns to his position and stance before the super when it is over. The remixed 'Theme of Tara' plays for the duration of this move. If the mercenaries are alerted of the enemy presence, the Metal Gear Solid 2 alert theme will play until the end of the super.

User Info: MKWARRIOR2000

4 years ago#12
level 1 super No Pentazemin - Sniping comes into play in this move; as all MGS2 players will remember, Raiden had to use the PSG-1 in one particular section of his game in order to destroy semtex control boxes, but in this moveset it plays a far more visceral role. Pressing square initially will bring Raiden's chosen sniper rifle to his eyeline - whether it be the PSG-1 or PSG-1 T, he will 'charge' this attack for four seconds before the 'damage' is maxed out. However, Raiden must release (A) to fire the gun. This enables the player to properly take their time and aim at the opponent. His charging stance is simply standing with the rifle in his arms, with the usual tension build-up of smashes - his charging state freezes upon reaching four seconds.

Pressing o when fully charged will make Raiden crouch, lowering his aim by a couple of feet. There is also a constant red line - the laser sight, which stops on its target. Upon firing, the ammo in whichever sniper rifle will hit the target - this is wherever the laser sight ends; it is stopped by hard platforms and other characters. If there is space, this laser will cross the entire battlefield.


The PSG-1 T (tranquilizer) shoots highly-pressured tranquilizer darts; when a headshot is achieved, these darts will put anyone's lights out instantly. A shot in the head with the PSG-1 T in royale is similar, as Raiden's victim will have an immediate full needle counter - of course, this isn't easy. To fire the PSG-1 T at all, you need to have it fully charged, which takes four seconds, making it very obvious what you are doing for this amount of time. Only when hit in the head will the victim be stunned for a moment, otherwise they will not be nudged whatsoever. If any part of the body is hit except the head, the needle counter is brought up immediately by fifteen, effectively halving the entire time taken for an opponent to fall asleep, thus making it still quite a useful weapon in Raiden's arsenal without perfect accuracy - after all, there's no pentazemin!


The PSG-1 shoots regular bullets, like any other gun in Raiden's moveset. It also acts as a typical smash attack, ranging from low to high depending on the charge time,* but you still have to charge for a minimum of one second before you can fire the sniper rifle. Like the tranquilizer sniper rifle, this lethal one is extremely useful if a player is adept at getting headshots - this multiplies the damage done by one-and-a-half; knockback is exponentially increased with headshots also. Body shots can stun an opponent for a half-second, but headshots will send them flying in the opposite direction - enough to knock an enemy from the middle of final destination to the right blastline at seventy-percent.
*[15%-30% x 1.5 (headshot)] Lethal

User Info: MKWARRIOR2000

4 years ago#13
Raiden can kill enemies that are knocked out with the PSG1 T in his level 1 super by using other moves.

Level 3 super Rocket Power - Raiden's lethal final smash relies entirely upon the Stinger missile launcher. As soon as the circle button is pressed, Pliskin [Solid Snake in disguise] and his partner Otacon appear in their Kasatka helicopter, dropping a ladder which Raiden grabs onto. Solid Snake says, "need a hand?", followed by Otacon replying with, "just a second, Snake!". The Kasatka immediately carries Raiden away from the camera - into the background, then off-screen.

Three seconds later, the Kasatka appears on-screen, close-up and flies to just in front of the camera. Now what can be seen is Raiden crouching inside the Kasatka's open passenger section and aiming the Stinger at the other characters. The camera moves forward to become Raiden's 'eyes.'

Now we see the battlefield as it was before all this, except every character has a thin box outline surrounding them, that follows them everywhere. There is also a circular cursor, shaped like a bullseye which is now in the control of Raiden's player. They can move it around the field at a generous speed and the aim is to hold it onto any enemy character's 'square' long enough that it becomes red and flashing. When this is achieved, there are also some minor sound effects such as a low beeping noise that becomes faster and faster in tempo the longer the enemy box is held.


When an enemy's box is red, pressing (A) will fire the Stinger. As the rockets are seeking missiles, they are extremely hard to escape, especially considering that they are coming from the foreground. Each missile does hefty damage* and enough knockback to send players at fifty-percent or above past the vertical blastline. Obviously, each missile explosion can hit more than one foe, adding a layer of strategy to those trying to evade the attack. Sound effects such as 'vwooshing' are exhaled by the rockets when shot. After fifteen seconds or twelve missiles, the super will end and Raiden will be dropped off where he started by the Kasatka,

User Info: MKWARRIOR2000

4 years ago#14


As Raiden: Pick Your Poison - Playing as Jack is all about understanding both the two methods, his three different forms and knowing how to utilise them all together to surprise opposing forces. By themselves, Raiden's forms each represent substantial weaknesses that can be filled elsewhere in this moveset - playing well is all about knowing the best time to use what.

The lethal and non-lethal methods deserve mention here above all. With the former, you deal more damage and are safer whilst using some good percent stackers such as the Nair and Dair, but most moves like this leave Raiden particularly open to counterattack. Indeed, all of Raiden's best KO moves [FSmash, FAir, UTilt] leave him extraordinarily open, making use of the opposing method's 'needle counter' a necessary safety net. Without at least this combination, a Raiden main stands little chance at higher levels of play.

The non-lethal method is also extremely vulnerable without its counterpart. Though the needle counter is constantly ticking, most non-lethal moves only function to further bring it down, making Raiden completely offense less in the mean time. This is why starting off blue, switching red and switching blue a last time to use Raiden's down throw or possibly pummel is such a good idea. Through misuse of the methods, Jack can be completely ruthless and unpredictable.

Another side of Raiden's moveset to deeply learn before taking big challenges is his two different forms, besides his main one. The BDU uniform can only be used once per stock, so good timing is everything and the HF blade has an underlying mechanic attached to it on both its sharp and blunt side, meaning that 'jumping in' as The White Devil may be a defining learning experience for a player. Only through taming both transformations can Raiden mains rise the tiers, as they harbour some of Jack's best moves.

Traps also play a small part in his moveset, serving as his UAir and DSmash. These play a massive role in Raiden's strategic play, completely barring areas of the battlefield for periods of time. Manipulating the battlefield to suit his own means is definitely the mark of a good Raiden main, forcing the players to play to his advantages. In this way, tentative players probably won't manage well with this moveset. The traps serve less as an actual danger and more a distraction for Raiden's KO moves and switching. Playing this moveset requires a lot of on the spot thinking, quick decisions and strategy. Going from one tactic to another is not how to play Raiden effectively.

Projectiles play a massive role in Raiden's moveset. In his main, gun-holstering form, every area of his moveset has a useful projectile [SSpec, FAir, DSmash] that is practically essential. They all provide some kind of distancing to aid in attempting some of Raiden's higher-risk moves such as his FSmash and DSpec. With Raiden's many guns, there are several mechanics to keep in mind - some allow Jack to crouch, others do not and this affects the moveset greatly.

Mix things up to avoid being obvious. Many moves here change methods and this means moves have different properties - use this to your advantage. If the opponent is cocky about defending a particular move, remember that and use it later on. Overall, Raiden is a versatile fighter, but his many specialities can be slightly overwhelming and all of them are important. Raiden players can weave their opponent into a massive death trap, or themselves.

User Info: MKWARRIOR2000

4 years ago#15
Against Raiden: Own Worst Enemy - What is most important in understanding Raiden is knowing this - he has little personal strength, he has to rely heavily on the mistakes of his foes. Not only that, he's constantly on a tightrope due to his high-risk and somewhat laggy moveset. Putting pressure on Raiden under the right circumstances is key to success here, forcing Raiden to juggle things just that extra bit more before it all falls apart before him.

Every move of Raiden's has a weakness to it and you'd be at an advantage to know all of them - a large part of strategy in this moveset relies upon the ignorance of the opponent: refuse to be! By knowing what could happen, you can prepare accordingly, which to most ends can nullify any assault Raiden has. Whatever situation he's in, he will have a priority and knowing this is simply a matter of finding the clues.

Yes, further than knowing this moveset, you have to learn to instinctively know what Raiden is planning depending on his actions. If he doesn't start off with a couple of darts or another way to start off the needle counter, he's probably going to try and rack damage first - learn how to counter his good percent stackers like his NAir, all his Tilts and especially his BDU uniform. All of these are flawed in one way or another.

In the same vein, learn the properties of Raiden's moves. He cannot crouch with some weapons - use that to your advantage and crouch. Keep mind of his method - some moves have drastic amounts of lag if one type or another; knowing his method is one of the hardest parts of playing against Raiden, as so many moves change his style. However, it is essential with moves like his FSmash, his DSmash, his Tilts, SSpec and NSpec. Some of these can be dodged, can damage Raiden, have sweetspots, etc.

The best way to beat Raiden is baiting him into a false sense of security. Once Raiden starts being careless, you can start taking advantage of his own moves. He can trigger his claymore and mine; combined with your own character's attacks this could prove deadly. More so than Snake, Raiden is at a huge risk just from playing some of his moves - he not only cuts the battlefield in half or air into pieces for you, but for himself as well.

Indeed, trapping Raiden with his own moves, leaving room for yours is a major weakness in his moveset. If you're good in the air, bait him into closing off parts of the ground with his claymore and if good in the sky, likewise with his mine. There are certain situations where you can evade his initial attack and just leave it hanging there, to his dismay. Of course, situations like this will probably not occur with experienced Raidens.

At any level, one countable weakness in Raiden is how flawed and interconnected his moves are. They need to be supported by one another, you can break them up and create chaos, at which point he may become careless and forget some of the little details of his set. As a last note, please take care to note if you're about to daze off and Raiden is obviously going for a grab - avoid him like the plague.''

User Info: MKWARRIOR2000

4 years ago#16


Up Taunt - His pistol cocked upward, Raiden shoots seemingly indiscriminately into the air. There's a chance that squawking noises will be heard in this up taunt - Rosemary and the Colonel can be heard in the background complaining about this through Raiden's codec.

Side Taunt - Raiden kneels, putting his pointing and middle finger to his neck [this is how he communicates with his codec in-game]. He whispers loudly, "Colonel, I'm still looking for your scissors, but I can't find them anywhere," before returning to his normal stance.


Down Taunt - Raiden pulls out his coolant spray and sprays the mist from within it, reaching a few feet in front of him. This rarely stuns opponents, but serves practically no use at all in combat.

Entrance - Raiden jumps a few feet from the Kasatka's passenger seat section to the ground; immediately upon spanning away from Raiden his equip sound can be heard.

Victory Pose 1 - Raiden crushes a cardboard box with his right foot, striking a heroic pose toward the camera.

Victory Pose 2 - Raiden is seen reloading a new clip into his SOCOM, saying, "it's harder than in VR."

Victory Pose 3 - This victory pose only occurs if Raiden received no deaths in the preceding match. He is nowhere to be seen, but the other players are applauding him... as time goes on, Jack will pop up behind each opponent progressively, either using chloroform to knock them or strangling them silently. Once he has taken down all enemies, he says, "mission accomplished" and a rope ladder swings in from the right of the screen - he grabs this and is taken off to the left.

Losing Pose - A humble pose; Raiden claps wholeheartedly for the winner.

User Info: PokemonYoutube

4 years ago#17

User Info: ss4parrothair

4 years ago#18
PokemonYoutube posted...
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User Info: Stanger5150

4 years ago#19
Unlike others, I enjoy reading... and dude, that was f****** fantastic.
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