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User Info: Rayquaza487

3 years ago#11
Rayquaza487 posted...
I've been working on this for a while now and have decided to share this with you all. I have compiled a list of characters for a hypothetical PSASBR sequel, complete with characters, dlc, rivalries, and movesets. First, I want to present to you all my roster. Please rate it out of 10, and give me any advice for making this the roster PSASBR should have had (oops ;) )

Total: 50
+Kratos* (God of War)
+Booker DeWitt (Bioshock Infinite)

+Kutaro (Puppeteer)

+Raiden* (MGS)
+Dante* / Nero? (Devil may Cry)

+Nathan Drake*
+Sly Cooper*

+Kat* (Gravity Rush)
+Emmet Graves (Starhawk)

+Cole* (InFamous)
+Lars (Tekken

+Sweet Tooth*
+Ares (God of War)

+Issac Clarke* (Dead Space)
+Chimera (Resistance)

+Sir Fortesque*
+Colonel Radec*


+Jak & Daxter*
+Ratchet & Clank*

+Crash Bandicoot
+Spyro the Dragon

+Yu Narukami** (Persona 4)
+Jodie Holmes (Beyond 2 Souls)

+Lightning** (Final Fantasy)
+Lara Croft** (Tomb Raider)

+Ty the Tasmanian** (Ty the Tasmanian)

+Gex the Gecko (Gex)
+Tomba (Tomba)

+Kazuma Kiryu** (Yakuza)
+Ezio** (Assassin's Creed)

+Oliver (Ni No Kuni)
+Finn (Sorcery)

+Neptune**(Hyperdimension Neptunia)

+Joel and Ellie (The Last of Us)

+Shadow** (Shadow the Hedgehog)
+Siegfried (Soul Calibur)

+Locoroco (Locoroco)
+Patapon (Patapon)

+Fat Princess
+Evil Cole


+Big Daddy

Let's recap and edit.

+No cuts
+List where the characters are from

What about now?
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User Info: taoxadasa

3 years ago#12
-Emmett is listed twice.

-Seriously cut down on some 3rd parties, they take up half of the roster. There are tons of great 1st party characters that deserve to be in, like Wander, Dart, Gabriel Logan, Robbit, Knack, etc.

-Please explain your reasoning with Shadow, I can't comprehend that decision honestly...
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User Info: Chairstood

3 years ago#13
Why is Kratos rivaled with Booker?
Other than that, it's okay. 6/10.

Here is my hypothetical psasbr2 roster:

Kratos vs Nariko
Jak vs Ratchet
Nathan Drake vs Sweet Tooth
Parappa vs Spike
Colonel Radec vs Chimera Hybrid
Sly Cooper vs Ty the Tazmanian Tiger
Sackboy vs Kutaro
Heihachi vs Toro
Cole McGrath vs Alex Mercer
Dante(Original) vs Raiden(MGSR)
Blasto vs Abe
Emmett Graves vs Kat
Cloud Strife vs Dart Feld
Crash Bandicoot vs Rayman
Spyro vs Croc
Sir Daniel vs Rau Utu(Mark of Kri)
Solid Snake vs Sam Fisher
Booker Dewitt vs John Marston
Sora vs Wander
Gex vs Lara Croft
Klonoa vs Tomba
Raziel vs Alucard
Dr Nefarious vs Dr Neo Cortex
Ellen vs Finn
Zeus vs Calypso
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User Info: Rayquaza487

3 years ago#14
Oops, I meant to replace the second Emmett with someone else, I'm not sure with who as if now.

Maybe my DLC will convince you;


+Captain Qwark

+Sparda (DmC)

+Prince of Persia

+John Marston
+Rudy (Wild Arms)

+Iota (Teraway)

+The Traveler (Wanderer)
+King of All Cosmos (Katamari)

+Wander (ICO)
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I'm going to delete my account if Ridley is CONFIRMED for SSB4! ;P

User Info: taoxadasa

3 years ago#15
Some good characters in the dlc, but now it's just seeming really unrealistic lol

Btw, Wander is from Shadow of the Colossus, not ICO. But I understand why people might mix them up haha.
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User Info: ss4parrothair

3 years ago#16
*Read Rooster instead of Roster*
*walks out disappointed and chickenless*
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User Info: Chzrm3

3 years ago#17
I dunno, something about this is very unsatisfying. It's a lot of characters (60 with the DLC), but the choices seem kind of haphazard.

Maybe I'm just so jaded about PSASBR that I can't have fun with it anymore. After all, you'd expect a Sony fighting game to have 60 characters or something, just because Sony should've put all their muscle behind this.

ss4parrothair posted...
*Read Rooster instead of Roster*
*walks out disappointed and chickenless*

If Smash 4 gets more DK reps, I'll achieve Nirvana and never want anything again.
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User Info: 921sora

3 years ago#18
0/10 because this doesn't need a sequel. This game is a mess online as much as it is offline. I'm glad that it was "tried" but jesus... leave this kind of game to Super Smash Bros... And let this game die...

(For the matter I LOVE Sony... I just hate how bad this game became in the 1 year and how hyped I was to get the game. Only for it to be $20 now and MANY Times a month after it's release)
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