can kat fly?

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User Info: rengokum

3 years ago#1
i was playing online a little while back and this player who was super high in level was flying or floating around as kat.

is this possible because i pretty much know most of kat's moves but ive yet to see her float around the arena flawlessly without touching the ground.
"i am a warrior of shu and benevolance is my goal"

User Info: rengokum

3 years ago#2
okay maybe its because the person i was fighting was super good with kat. i just watched a video where kat kept combo kicking a dude in the air then using stasis rinse and repeat.
"i am a warrior of shu and benevolance is my goal"

User Info: Q_Blah

3 years ago#3
She can fly with lag.

User Info: marioparty17

3 years ago#4
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User Info: Davidgrayman

3 years ago#5
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