Your top 3 most wanted character nerfs

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User Info: Terrapon

3 years ago#21
Eternux posted...
THEN AGAIN, the devs left it in.

Neither are all the other glitches. Isaac gun loop, kat debris lag, toros lv1, lv2 god mode.
Just because they are still in the game doesn't mean the devs weren't going to take it out.
Also considering the condition of the games developer support I doubt it would still exist if it had good support.

User Info: boy_luck

3 years ago#22
Terrapon posted...
boy_luck posted...
Kat, imo, is unfixable, so no point in mentioning her. The three that need heavy nerfs are Kratos, Isaac and prolly Raiden.

- Kratos needs cooldown on all of his square moves and many, many startup frames for them, as well. His air down square should not cause flat state, and just crumple a little in the air.

- Isaac needs cooldown and startup on several moves and none of them should be cancellable. The mine needs a heavy, very heavy nerf, too, and should work exactly like Sly's.

- Raiden needs nerfs on the air loops, that is, make the timing to combo them way tighter, so that the kc into lvl1 is impossible, and none of his grabs should allow for combo follow-ups.

There, with that you make the rest of the cast viable.

Wouldn't Kratos's Air Down Square cause crumple give him a spammable level 1 kill confirm? Unless it had a good enough cooldown.

My bad, I didn't explain myself well enough. I mean, the square down in the air should cause flat state on opponents on the ground, but if the opponent is hit while in the air, it should only cause little crumple instead of ejecting the character towards the ground.
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User Info: SS-Tier

3 years ago#23
jacks_wasd_life posted...
1. Kat is deleted from the game
2. Raiden can no longer grab/throw
3. Isaac's lvl1 kills only himself
4. Kratos's blades have 1/16th the range

I'm loving the first one.

User Info: XDarkMethod

3 years ago#24
Eternux posted...
THEN AGAIN, the devs left it in.

nice counter argument, on the other hand it really isn't supposed to be there so...yeah
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User Info: Eternux

3 years ago#25
Because the devs liked it they left it in. Your argument is pointless.
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User Info: mrkrs2

3 years ago#26
They should really nerf sweet tooth. He's terribly broken with his lvl1 mine/trap overriding haxed ability.

It's an abomination
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