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User Info: QGVon

3 years ago#1
If this game gets a sequel who would you like to see?

p.s. It's a straight up fun question, not asking you to debunk the heck out of the possibility

User Info: RoyMaster4

3 years ago#2
Crash, Spyro, Sora, Cloud, Joel/Ellie. Getting them out of the way now, that's all that will be said.

Personally, I got just about everyone I wanted (except the above), but the most interesting newcomers would be Wander and Ico.
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User Info: QGVon

3 years ago#3
PS Home Avatar
Kisuke and Momohime
Booker DeWitt/Rebecca
Prince (of Persia)
Lara Croft

User Info: Romulus-Prime

3 years ago#4
Mega Man Volnutt
Lara Croft (Classic)
Sonic the Hedgehog

User Info: SSBR10

3 years ago#5
I want Crash, Spyro, Cloud, Lara Croft, Sora, Toan, and Dart.
Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter
Tekken vs. Dead or Alive, Shonen Jump vs. Capcom please

User Info: taoxadasa

3 years ago#6
In terms of just 1st party Sony characters, I'd like to see any of the following:

Kutaro (Puppeteer)
Gabe Logan (Syphon Filter)
Robbit (Jumping Flash!)
Joel (The Last of Us)
Dart (Legend of Dragoon)
Ico (Ico)
Knack (Knack)
Wander (Shadow of the Colossus)
Iota (Tearaway)
Captain Blasto (Blasto)
Rudy Roughnight (Wild Arms)
Nathan Hale (Resistance)
Lammy (Um Jammer Lammy)

And there are more, but the list was getting too long anyways.
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User Info: Chairstood

3 years ago#7
Crash vs Spyro
Rayman vs Croc
Tomba vs Klonoa
Cloud Strife(Final Fantasy) vs Dart Feld(Legend of Dragoon)
Abe(Oddworld) vs Blasto
Parappa vs Spike
Heihachi(Tekken) vs Toro
Sir Daniel(MediEvil) vs Raziel(Legacy of Kain)
Sweet Tooth(Twisted Metal) vs Scorpion(Mortal Kombat)
Solid Snake(Metal Gear) vs Gabriel Logan(Syphon Filter)
Jak vs Ratchet
Sly Cooper vs Gex
Rau Utu(Mark of Kri) vs Monkey(Enslaved)
Raiden(Metal Gear) vs Dante(Devil May Cry)
Wander(Shadow of the Colossus) vs Toan(Dark Cloud)
Nightmare(Soul Calibur) vs Nemesis(Resident Evil)
Jade(Beyond Good & Evil) vs Jennifer Tate(Primal)
Kratos(God of War) vs Nariko(Heavenly Sword)
Nathan Drake(Uncharted) vs Lara Croft(Tomb Raider)
Colonel Radec(Killzone) vs Chimera Hybrid(Resistance)
Sackboy(Little Big Planet) vs Kutaro(Puppeteer)
Cole McGrath(Infamous) vs Alex Mercer(Prototype)
Kat(Gravity Rush) vs Emmett Graves(Starhawk)
Main character from Soul Sacrifice vs Ellen(Folklore)
Edward Kenway(Assassins's Creed) vs Ryu Hayabusa(Ninja Gaiden)

The perfect roster imo.
The sequel could have 40 characters initially, but could get 10 more characters through dlc.
This could easily be done if the sequel is in the hands of an experience development team.
Dynasty Warriors FTW. Toukiden FTW. Koei FTW.

User Info: sinncross

3 years ago#8
I feel like there is something as too many characters. Everyone gives the same old so I am going to make a small list based on SCEJ:

Dart - LoD
Ellen - Folklore
Kat - GR
Knack - Knack
Kutaro - Puppeteer
Spike - AE
Toro - Mainichi Issho
Uberhero - Patapon
Wander - SotC
Yuna - Hot Shots

That covers PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP and PSV.
Has Male and Female characters. And all 10 are from Japan.

I think if Sony could get 10 from all 3 major regions you have a pretty solid 30 character count. Then anything up to 40 can come from anywhere.
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User Info: Littlejeffery

3 years ago#9
Chimera Hybrid (Resistance)

Dr. Nefarious

Specter (Ape Escape)

Captain Qwark

Cloud Strife

Solid Snake


Crash Bandicoot

Dart Feld (Legend of Dragoon)

Master Onion

Lammy (Parappa the Rapper/ UmJammer Lammy)

Carmelita Fox

Either Zhao Yun or Lu Bu (Dynasty Warriors)


Jersey Devil


Commander Shepard

Deimos (God of War Ghost of Sparta)
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User Info: SSBR10

3 years ago#10
SSBR10 posted...
I want Crash, Spyro, Cloud, Lara Croft, Sora, Toan, and Dart.

I kind of would also like to see Fei Fong Wong from Xenogears.
Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter
Tekken vs. Dead or Alive, Shonen Jump vs. Capcom please

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