Somethings I Find That Ruin Playing. (Mainly Balancing Issues)

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  3. Somethings I Find That Ruin Playing. (Mainly Balancing Issues)

User Info: oomomow

3 years ago#1
Mainly just really cheap stuff.

Drake, and Kratos. Just keep spamming. Lately, I've been running into Drake's that literally only do that AK, Barrel, and Slide thing. No tactics, and sometimes they win. It's just plain unfair.

Sackboy's electric trap. It never disappears. It's just really annoying because the only way to get rid of it is to step on it.




Sweet Tooth's jump shotgun and level one hit confirm. People who say it needs a good read are just wrong. Make sure your opponent isn't dodging or doing an air attack, which is really obvious to see. You also can keep spamming it.

Sly's electric tackle. I know I'm being whiny on this one (personal bias. It's too hard to punish him as Radec and it goes through the sniper.). It just seems cheap. Half the time, they don't really get anywhere spamming it. The other half, they do. It seems to go through most attacks.

Having trouble thinking of more. One of mine used to be the giga punch, but since they nerfed it you need a decent amount of skill to actually land it properly, on the ground. Can you think of more?
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User Info: oomomow

3 years ago#2
Oh yeah, don't take what I say too seriously. (I only play online matches, pretty good indicator of how you would rank me)
Oh great Kirby, destroyer of worlds, we are not worthy.

User Info: AMP1317

3 years ago#3
Well Sackboy's electric trap is actually pretty nerfed now. Most characters can destroy it pretty easily. For Radec a timed down triangle could destroy it (or if it's on a platform any of his electric up attacks).

But there is a lot about this game that is pretty frustrating. Especially for the newer players who aren't used to the air camping and spam (everyone who got the game for the $5 sale).
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User Info: CommonDreads

3 years ago#4
My only issue is drake, while the best characters got nerfed, he stayed the same and what pisses me off about him is how safe his slide kick is and how fast he can cancel out of certain moves to be more safe. He basically beats zoners and melee characters at their own game and he's just a hybrid
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User Info: KnucklesIX

3 years ago#5
This game is just completely in shambles. It was horribly balanced, and the patch did nothing but make it boring to play.Jak, Drake,and Kat are just so much better than everyone else. Kratos and Sweet tooth are braindead. Nariko and Dante are also annoying due to the fact that they can get a burst combo almost anywhere in the game,air or ground. But at least Dante takes some skill. Almost every other character is useless. This game needs 1 more GOOD patch IMO, or revert to the beginning when everyone was crazy.

User Info: Pootbird

3 years ago#6
I absolutely despise Drake and Kratos.
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User Info: RJ-MacReady

3 years ago#7
Game is poorly balanced IMO.
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  3. Somethings I Find That Ruin Playing. (Mainly Balancing Issues)

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