Radec Multi-kill Challenge

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User Info: ultradaved

3 years ago#1
Hi, I'm brand-new to the game. I have yet to get into the vs online but I'm going through the 1-player stuff to get acquainted with the game and get trophies.

I did the generic challenges, combos, etc. and now I'm doing the character-specific challenges. Figured I'd go clockwise, lol. Kratos, FP, and Sweet Tooth are done, and all of Radec except his challenge 16 where you have to get 9 multi-kills with his Level 1.

Is there a strategy to this or just try, try again until you luck out? I guess I just suck but I usually only get 2-4 kills and sometimes get shut out :(

User Info: videogames75_5

3 years ago#2
I guess just try to get them near walls and wait for them to attack each other. i remember when i first started this game and i was doing all these combat trials. i just waited and lucked out then
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User Info: ultradaved

3 years ago#3
That's what I've been trying. I got 8/9 a couple of times but there are still 2/9 or even 0/9 embarrassments :(

I just think it's strange that I'm finding this challenge so much harder than the others that I've completed with both Radec and other characters and it's only his #16.

Figured there might be some secret and that I'm doing it wrong.

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