characters I wanted in.

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User Info: marioparty17

3 years ago#1

Spider-Man ,

Brb still thinking
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User Info: Final_Tran

3 years ago#2
Sony~ Well... we don't think it's worth it for us to support the Vita anymore, but if anyone else would like to try, that'd be great.

User Info: taoxadasa

3 years ago#3
The Jumping Flash! series needs a new game.

User Info: Neptunezzzz

3 years ago#4
Clap Trap!
---Raccoon Fatty Boombox---

User Info: Blublur756

3 years ago#5
Freddy Fazbear
"Even without wings...I CAN STILL FLY !"
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User Info: TheConduitGene

3 years ago#6
Agent J MIB
"Power feels good though, right? Soon, that's all you're gonna want...more power."

User Info: ChocoboDreams

3 years ago#7
The guy from Guacamelee, also the guy from Mark of Kri.

Kind of hard to want anybody more than Crash Bandicoot though.
I just want Card Sagas Wars. Seriously, I'd do anything, just give me Card Sagas Wars. Please.

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