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User Info: STHSWN

5 years ago#1
Basically a fighting game with sega characters. Majority of the characters will be from the sonic series. Would a lot of people buy this game?

User Info: Kehros

5 years ago#2
Yes but only if there was a very good share of other Sega characters, and not the majority just being Sonic characters.
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User Info: Setnaro X

Setnaro X
5 years ago#3
Unless it's a crossover fighting game with Capcom or any other big named company that's known for fighters, then no. There is no chance in HELL that a standalone SEGA brawler would do well at all.
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User Info: SeahorseCpt89

5 years ago#4
So Sega vs Capcom? I wouldn't mind it, but I somehow can't see Sonic in a fighting game outside of a brawler.
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User Info: KingIceSonic

5 years ago#5
I would buy it with Sega alone, more if its like MVC3

characters from the Sonic the hedgehog,Valkyria chronicles,Bayoneta,Resonance Of fate,Shining Force,Phantasy star,Sakura wars and Virtua Fighter games would be good
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User Info: The_Schoolist

5 years ago#6
Just pretend that there's something clever written here, because, right now, there isn't, and it boggles my mind why you are even reading this.

User Info: Eric43

5 years ago#7
Make a Fighters Megamix 2, if Sega-AM2 is up to it.
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User Info: DuConLaFleme

5 years ago#8
Power stone with SEGA theme would be pretty awesome.

User Info: Arceus1234

5 years ago#9
Put Selvaria in and have her dominate the rest of them in terms of power XD
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User Info: Junkiedoo

5 years ago#10
I could very well see a stand alone Sega fighting game doing well. Add a few characters from Sonic the Hedgehog at first, but then you could also add more from the Virtua Fighter series. Bring in classic characters such as Vectorman, Sketch Turner (Comix Zone), maybe someone from Streets of Rage (Preferebly Rage), and quite possibly a character from Phantasy Star and Puyo Puyo. Sakura from Sakura Wars would be great along with Joe Musashi. Bring in some of the modern characters too, such as anyone from Valkyria Chronicles, Jack Cayman and Bayonetta. (Platinum Games may have developed the games Mad World, Bayonetta and Anarchy Reigns, but Sega owns the rights to them). Add Honey from Fighting Vipers and Hornet of Fighters Megamix and you have a great roster.
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