anyone with an early copy here?

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  3. anyone with an early copy here?

User Info: gokuKOG

4 years ago#1
if yes where did you get it?

User Info: daizyujin

4 years ago#2
Yeah I scored a copy on 11/9/12 at Toys R Us. I guess not many places broke street date because nobody is online.
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User Info: NYCGamefreak

4 years ago#4
Yeah i got mine in Toys R' Us as well. I was surprised to see the bonus edition copies out plus it was 40 bucks too. I'm gonna play it when i get home from work tomorrow. Not sure if the bonus DLC on it is active yet until the official release date. Any of you have any luck on that?

User Info: Setnaro X

Setnaro X
4 years ago#5
Toys R Us over here as well. And the bonus edition isn't a pre-order thing. It's just a first edition copy of the game. The bonus content works just fine BTW. You're only downloading a key since the stuff is already on the disc.
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User Info: zidane kuja

zidane kuja
4 years ago#6
I got it this morning at Toys R Us and I live in Michigan. I was truly surprised they had it because when a game breaks street date, my state never seems to be of the states that do it.

and maybe you didn't see anyone online not only because yes, most people don't have it. The servers may not be up(I'm not sure on that one), but most importantly, everyone is probably playing world tour mode to unlock everything. That's what I'm doing. Haven't touched any other mode yet.

Game is great though. The tracks are so exciting and fun and I love the variety. Everything about this game is better than the first besides the character roster. The race tracks, powerups, all-stars (IMO), modes is better. The music is about equal because I love the fact that all the music in this game are remixes and lots of music tracks have more than one song in them, (ex: Toot Toot Sonic Warrior turns into Super Sonic Racing, Sky Sanctuary turns into Back in time that surprised me a lot!)

But I do miss the ability to choose different tracks. And I wish they used the song from Sonic the Fighters for the Death Egg and not that boring Shadow the Hedgehog song.

But the music is still great and so is this game!

I also have the ps3 version by the way.
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User Info: BAMX

4 years ago#7
I just got it at Target. I live in southern California.

Target's website has the release date as today, and a lot of Targets in my area seem to have it in.
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User Info: Skull06

4 years ago#8
Got one tonight at Toys R Us as well.
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User Info: Setnaro X

Setnaro X
4 years ago#9
Heh, we should have a pre-release date online match the rest of the crowd starts showing up. ^_^
"Proper sound shatters glass. Proper sound shatters the Universe."
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  3. anyone with an early copy here?

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