I love that this game actually feels FAST

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  3. I love that this game actually feels FAST

User Info: MilkinNipple

5 years ago#1
Unlike Mario Kary or plenty of other kart games.
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User Info: Akaimizu

5 years ago#2
Well it is SUMO digital who is making the game. They typically make racers that fell fast. I'm also glad that Richard Jacques is the composer for the game. He makes all the great SEGA racing music tracks these days. (Though I have to admit that seeing his name with a Sega and Sonic racing franchise will always remind me of his work with Sonic R)
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User Info: Setnaro X

Setnaro X
5 years ago#3
It is insanely fast. Maybe a little too fast though. There were moments where I was abusing the boost so much, I'd end up hitting parts of the road that I assume isn't suppose to happen. Like in the Golden Axe stage where at one point you jump off a ramp and into the mouth of a statue snake. I remember going so fast, I'd hit the teeth and fall to my doom. Same thing in Chilly Castle. The part where you transform into a boat. I'd drive so fast, I'd hit the stalactites before hitting the water. It can get annoying.
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User Info: gokuKOG

5 years ago#4
fast is not a problem for me but the only problem I am facing is the difficulty...its too hard. I like the game though its very well made in every way.

User Info: The_Shadow_Link

5 years ago#5
Are you only playing on Hard Mode? Because Expert makes things even faster...
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  3. I love that this game actually feels FAST

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