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So no Alex Kidd?

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User Info: dakko

4 years ago#11
Yeah, Alex Kidd is a Christmas encoded free gift, but since you can only change the time when not connected to xbox live, you can only use him offline by setting the consoles time till christmas or after.

User Info: suerobcoxnet

4 years ago#12
Cool. If I unlock him offline though, will he stay unlocked upon going back online?
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User Info: FredCat07

4 years ago#13
suerobcoxnet posted...
Cool. If I unlock him offline though, will he stay unlocked upon going back online?

If you went back online, your Xbox 360 restored the time and date, so that made Alex disappeared if you do. So stay off until Christmas is your best bet.
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User Info: H Hog

H Hog
4 years ago#14
pirajacinto posted...
H Hog posted...
He's in there, but he's hidden in a package that says "Do not open til Xmas".

...I'm dead freaking honest here, too.

Spoilers, dude...that's the main reason I didn't even go to the X-Mas topics.

I tried to be vague and subtle about it, don't blame me for people blurting it out all blatantly.
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