Is there rubberbanding?

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User Info: Fastest_Spartan

5 years ago#21
blazingsonic posted...
Nixemo posted...
FredCat07 posted...
Latter, you're stuck with them burying their nose in your exhaust pipe.

God this sucks. I may go back to playing the first game for a while... I don't have the patience for how hard the game is... I really wanted to love it though.

o_o Wait it's cheapingly hard? Great I was gonna get it too..........

It's not THAT cheap.
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User Info: Rude Hero

Rude Hero
5 years ago#22
I would've said no but I had some blatent rubber banding with Amy just not giving up. We were neck and neck the whole racer and statistically I was much faster than her using Joe, very strange. Was intense though, and generally this game is nowhere near as cheap as N64 Kart so it's fine.
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User Info: blazingsonic

5 years ago#23
Yeah that Xbox Avatar is crazy and I do like busting out Super Sonic.
Sorry Ralph, you're not going to Wreck it this time.
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