Drifting in this game.

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User Info: BowserZero

5 years ago#1
Is the full 3 boost worth doing or holding on too?
The drifting in this game changed I believe compared to the first game and you can't use the C-Stick and D-pad this time lol.

So my question is it worth holding onto that drift as a car to obtain a long waited 3rd level boost? Also is it even worth boosting as a plane despite how awkward it may or may not feel to some. It feels weird to me atleast.

That and is there no music tracks you can select from when racing like what they did in S&SATR? Or is that taken off?
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User Info: Rude Hero

Rude Hero
5 years ago#2
From my experience it's not always wise to hold out for a Lv 3 boost, by saving it around multiple drifts as much. One long drift, sure, otherwise it's wiser to use lower boosts and even better to chain them boosts found on the ground as you'll often surpass a Lv 3 boost with them in rather quick succession.

Air boosting, I used it alot at first but wasn't really gaining much more ground with it, if any, the boosts often placed for you are suitable enough, so it's probably wiser to focus on the flying and aiming for the preset aerial boosts.
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User Info: TheChosenKokiri

5 years ago#3
Also, the music is pre-set, you can't switch out different themes.

User Info: gokuKOG

5 years ago#4
if there is a long turn or 3 turns one after the other than its wise to do a Lv3 boost but only if the road after it is straight. If after the turns comes another turn then do a Lv 2 boost and combo it into Lv 1 boosts one after another.

User Info: PyroDillbrain

5 years ago#5
I made a post about this on the sega forums, but to paraphrase:

- level 3s are MUCH faster than level 1 or 2 boosts
- level 1 boosts should only be used if you want to slow down so that you don't hit a wall or something (chilly castle before the boat section is a good example)
- if you use a level 3, the speed does not end when your boost does. instead, when your boost ends, you coast for a long time, slowly decelerating from level 3 speed to normal speed. if you use a level 1 or 2 boost in this time, your speed will go down to that level, so if you use a level 3, avoid speed pads and single tricks/drifts for about 15 seconds.
- drifting in the air is usually pretty pointless when you can just risk boost off everything and get silly amounts of speed (risk boosting = flying into a wall then tricking away just before you collide, can chain these multiple times to get danger and reckless boosts which are level 2 and 3 respectively)
- remember you can change direction without losing your speed, so snaking on some straights so that you get a level 3 can be very useful (and you don't lose very much speed for doing it)
- cornering does not lose you very much speed at all like it does in most games. don't be afraid to just spam your left stick without touching the drift button to manoeuvre on straights etc

so, yes, you want to get a lot of level 3s. but careful that you don't lose all your speed going for one. the best way to see if one strat is faster than another is to go into time trial mode and give it a shot against your personal best time.
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