Is the game better than the demo?

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User Info: Degalon

4 years ago#31
ILikesCheese posted...
Degalon posted...
The hell?

Even AMERICANS don't care whats going on in America.

People care about whats going on in their LIVES, not their (Or anyone elses) country.

Sad, isn't it? Some people just don't understand how THEIR lives are affected by local AND global politics. Truly sad indeed.

Even sadder for people who think that their lives are affected in any major way by global politics, and even SADDER for people who think knowing global politics makes any difference in their day to day lives.

Truly sad and naive indeed.

Beyond what you can vote on, and what directly affects you, its none of your concern.

For example. I haven't watched the news in...running on 8, maybe 9 years now. Has made absolutely zero difference in my life. And I'm an adult with my own place, insurance, etc, etc. Knowing local and global politics has zero impact on anything. Its just kinda neat to know. "Well that's nice...moving on."
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User Info: Focusflute

4 years ago#32
YES its better!!!!
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  3. Is the game better than the demo?

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