What characters do you use for certain events? (Help Topic)

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User Info: JoeBudden42

5 years ago#1
I use Tails(Standard) for Drift Events. It makes getting expert pretty easy. (The House of the Dead one wasn't so easy lol but the last jump on that event is a good spot to get the Virtua Trickster achievement)

User Info: FredCat07

5 years ago#2
I used Metal Sonic to blast the early event off the mountain.
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User Info: SeahorseCpt89

5 years ago#3
I used Tails for ring races and Amy's handling mod for Traffic Attack. I hear Pudding's handling mod is recommended too.
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User Info: gnerdus

5 years ago#4
I use Amy with her handling mod for traffic attack. Everything else can easily be done with any character and mod combination.
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User Info: Edwin Lim

Edwin Lim
5 years ago#5
I just got all 232 stars yesterday and these are the characters I used for the events.

Traffic attack - For the Panzer Dragoon stage, I use Amy standard. For Shibuya Downtown, I use Metal Sonic boost mod. Rest of them I use Amy handling.

Drift - Tails standard. However for the House of the Dead drift event, I used Amy handling.

Race - I prefer to break race down to 3 class of tracks fast, normal and twisty.

For fast tracks, you want a character with good speed etc BD Joe. For normal tracks etc mixture of fast and twisty sections like the Shinobi track and Graffiti City, you want a balanced character etc Knuckles, Avatar, Danica Patrick, Nights. For twisty tracks like Billy Hatcher, pick Tails or Amy. You do not need to have special mods for races. Just choose their standard mod and your good to go.

Boost race - For boost race I use Metal Sonic boost mod.

Boost events - the same rules apply as if in a standard race. Fast, normal or twisty.

Ring race - I did all ring events with Amigo standard mod.

Versus and sprint - same rules apply as if in standard race. Pick character based on track type, fast, normal or twisty.

Pursuit - Any character who is small, has decent acceleration and good handling will be great for pursuit. I used Amy standard for all my pursuit events.

Good luck.
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User Info: Setnaro X

Setnaro X
5 years ago#6
I did every event with B.D. Joe with the acceleration mod save for the last event (Race of Ages mirror) which I used Eggman with the console mod.
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  3. What characters do you use for certain events? (Help Topic)

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