I wanna unlock all the characters for when I have friends around...

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User Info: WiredKnight

4 years ago#21
megasoniczxx posted...
Obviously322 posted...
So let me get this straight, your chief complaint is that your friends suck at video game?

Also this is hard? I guess none of you cut your teeth with F-Zero GX.

oh god that story mode and that ai that is almost impossible to pass without boosting constantly on higher difficulties.

I have a friend that actually managed to unlock all the ending videos for each character in that game (the original uploads some 8 or 9 years ago of those endings are his). He broke three controllers getting there.

And yeah I'll agree some are easier artificially, Mario Kart certainly is becaues there are so many items that will put you back in the race (bullet bill most noticably). This only has the all star which is EXTREMELY rare to get unless you are AI.

Mario Kart did have the occassional tough character to unlock but as I recall almost the entire cast was unlocked simply. I went through Mario Kart Wii and unlocked all but three characters just running the grand prix on each CC. This game however requires you to do it at a higher difficulty than Mario Kart. And I think part of the reason is artificial. Both games have rubber band ai that cheats, not denying that. But as much as one complains about the items in Mario Kart, they did balance out against the AI at times because it was your safety net.

Frankly, I've managed to win a lot of races in this game I should have lost simply by just holding onto an all star until the last third of the third lap. You can win almost every time by doing this even on S class difficulty.

Back on point, you are correct in taht friends can do that mode to but if it's not played requetnly enough and if they don't move at the same pace as you (I mean in terms of improving) the mode will not be fun at all for them because they are either lagging behind or get eliminated too quickly. Although VS is the easiest to S rank (where I got a lot of my S rank stars) imagine not being quite good enough to pull S rank and playing with a friend to unlock characters. Sad chances are that you will be liminted after the first guy and have to watch you friend then go through four more racers whlie you just sit there with nothing to do.

I appreciate the addition to use multiplayer in wourl dtour but I don't think it fixes the problem of unlocking peopel causing the person who owns the game to improve at a substatially faster rate only because he's trying to unlock the characters to play with his friends. It's basically prepping the game (I've done this for plenty of games, mostly fighters) for the experience you trully wanted it for (which I understand is subjective).

User Info: Gunvalkyrie2

4 years ago#22
Gazza_X posted...
BirthOfDeoxys17 posted...
Less variety than the previous game,

LOL, wut?
It's not just a rumor, I heard it on Gamefaqs.
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  3. I wanna unlock all the characters for when I have friends around...

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