So, how is this game?

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User Info: MechaKirby

4 years ago#1
I played the demo, and it was pretty cool ( even though it was limited.)

How is the:

Track variety
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User Info: megasoniczxx

4 years ago#2
All of those categories I give this game an excellent on except for the online cause while you can find people on it the online itself is pretty glitchy and you can't pick lobbies so the online in the first game was better but everything else overall is better.

User Info: Setnaro X

Setnaro X
4 years ago#3
Online: A bit of a mess. It uses a matchmaking system, so if your network latency isn't so impressive, it might be a little difficult join a race in progress. Even worse, in my experience, it was very odd to get certain friends together in one lobby. I could have one guy or the other, but never both at once. Once you do have a lobby going, the online experience can range from OK to frustrating. The game doesn't have as much lag, but there is a very odd collision issue. If you bump into a racer with a bad connection, you'll ricochet off the guy at high speed, and occasionally flip you around and face the wrong way. Don't even get me started on the random disconnections. On a good day, it's fun. On a bad day, you'll want to break your controller.

Music: It's all subjective really. The music heavily focuses on techno with a couple of dubstep thrown here and there, so if that's what you like in remixes, cool. It does do a nice job of covering the fanservice, so even if you don't like the techno, it can be gratifying just to catch the reference, like hearing the Sonic & Knuckles theme just before you race in Sky Sanctuary.

Gameplay: The racing mechanic has been tweaked to give it a more skillful experience. While the game is very troperiffic when it comes to kart racing, how it races is anything but. If anything, the vehicles handle as though you were racing an arcade action racing game, such as Daytona, or even Blur and Split/Second. It's very exhilarating, and if you're able to master the karts and their respective mods, it can be very rewarding.

But the game can be very punishing too. While I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game enough to get 1,000/1,000 achievements out of it, some folks found it to be excruciatingly difficult. Setting the race to "Expert" will test you against rubberbanding AI with insane accuracy. I've no trouble beating the CPU's these days, but they will give you a run for the money. The challenges demand perfection, and you'll need to be up to it in order to unlock characters.

One important thing to note: the game is riddled with very odd glitches. Whether it'd be graphical glitches, or vehicle performances, or even the tracks themselves. Vehicles not transforming, the stages not transforming, and in some cases, the game freezing up. This game feels less polished then the last one, and that just really boggles me, considering it really looks like they put some more effort into this game.

Track variety: Definitely well diverse. Instead of 20 tracks representing 5 franchises or so, every race track is now represented by a totally different game. Sonic once again gets the most attention, but even the Sonic series is explored very well. You have your usual Sonic Heroes with Seaside Hill (because it's very popular, I guess?), but you also got Sonic 3's Sky Sanctuary, and Sonic Color's Starlight Carnival. You got racetracks that cover a franchise not even covered by racers (such as Outrun, Burning Rangers, and Panzer Dragoon).

And in a subjective matter, I find the tracks to be well designed then the first game. All crazy detailed with lots of hazards and curves to find. Some stages are riddled with glitches, such as this NiGHTS stage where for some reason, on the 3rd lap, my plane will have a mind of its own when I fly through a portal, or in some occasions, the stage just wasn't carefully crafted for the speed heads, such as the Golden Axe where there is a certain ramp that if you jump off with such velocity, you can end up hitting the ROOF and come to a complete stop.

Overall, if you enjoyed the first game, you might enjoy this one too. It's a great racer, but it misses certain points where it could have been polished even further. For now, everyone is hoping for patches, and it looks like Sumo may actually be given the go to work on one.
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User Info: trevhead10

4 years ago#4
I can live with dodgy online lobbies and matchmaking since i'm enjoying Anarchy Reigns all that I need it ppl to play with. Is there alot of ppl still playing this online? Is there many Europeans playing?

User Info: lightsout1

4 years ago#5
I haven't played online much, but the game is excellent in every other category you listed.
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User Info: SeahorseCpt89

4 years ago#6
Online: A lot of fun.....when it's not glitchy. The online is a bit of a mess right now due to various glitches but apparently they're working on fixing that.

Music: Not too bad. You can't choose your own tracks anymore but some of the tracks are excellent for fan service, and they fit each track well enough.

Gameplay: Fast and rewarding. Ignore everything you heard about this being a "Mario Kart clone" as it plays less like a kart racer and more like an arcade racer like Daytona or Outrun with weapons. The controls are pretty easy to pick up and the transformation gimmick really adds to the fun factor.

Track variety: MUCH greater than the first. The first suffered from only focusing on 5 franchises and reusing the same exact themes over and over. This game keeps it much more diverse and represents more franchises, limiting each to one (except for Sonic who has 3, but even those a different from one another). Much more variety and better track design to boot.
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User Info: MechaKirby

4 years ago#7
Welp. I bought a few days ago. I have about 140+ stars and just unlocked expert mode. I dont forsee me beating burning rangers on expert at all.
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