AGES Speed mod seems bugged.

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User Info: Edwin Lim

Edwin Lim
4 years ago#1
AGES Speed mod has a 1 in Handling and as it turns out, actually turns better than his Standard mod with a 2 in Handling while at the same time feeling similar to his Handling mod, which has a 3 in Handling. In practice, It feels similar to a "Handling" mod, but without the Speed and Boost penalties of an actual Handling mod. Its kinda like he doped to get the extra performance lol.

AGES Speed mod is 4/3/1/4. But feels like its really a 4/3/3/4. What gives?
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User Info: ValkyrieXVIII

4 years ago#2
It's not just AGES it's everyone. Handling is extremely buggy which is why I've said before that handling is worthless. Take Shadow's Standard Mod and notice his Handling is 3, now equip his ACC mod, watch how epic his turning becomes despite his Handling still being 3 its really ridiculous.

User Info: C_Money17

4 years ago#3
I wish someone could make a list of all the "true" stats of each mod. I tested out AGES' Console Mod yesterday and was pretty amazed by how well it handled (except for plane mode). Same thing with Ralph.
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  3. AGES Speed mod seems bugged.

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