Rate the Character Day 11: Nights

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User Info: MetaDeDeDe

4 years ago#1
The result...OH CRUD, MEEMEE IS that bad. That Summarize the last two days of this trend. Today we will do Nights

So Far:
Sonic 9.33/10 (3 ratings)
Ralph 6.16/10 (3 ratings)
Reala 7.66/10 (6 ratings)
Gum 9.14/10 (7 ratings)
Amy 8.75/10 (4 ratings)
Ages 8.5/10 (5 ratings)
Vyse 9.5/10 (2 ratings)
Beat 8.5/10 (2 ratings)
Shadow 9.5/10 (2 ratings)
MeeMee 6.75/10 (2 ratings)

My Rating (9/10)
The first look at Nights stat make you think that it just a worthless character when it is not. Night has the highest Air Speed in the whole game. It will literally gain up on you in all air section unless you are using a character with a silmalir Air speed. It course is mostly air aection with some water section allowing it to be dominant in its course. It does have some weaknesses: if you didn't unlook Nights Console mod and it is still Level 1; I hope you are happy with standard stats of 3 3 3 3 2. In it All Star it tranforms into it normal form and by a press of a button can do a Drill Dash, but you have to be touching the racer in order to hurt them making it a bad all star. it more than make up for these flaw by having an awesome console mod of 3 3 2 5 and the green ramp is useless aganist Night. Night might look like a normal well round but well in the air it shines pass all.
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Above Omnipotence 4 years ago#2
Nights is a really good character, a character that you really can't go wrong with. And you're absolutely right about her air speed, it's crazy fast. Her air speed clearly outshines of what her speed stat states.
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User Info: Yorkshire_14

4 years ago#3
Break the pan! Release the bacon!

User Info: C_Money17

4 years ago#4

NiGHTS is my favorite character in the game. Its handling in boat form could be better, though.
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