LOL what a piece of crap this is!

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  3. LOL what a piece of crap this is!

User Info: kirklmatty

4 years ago#11
just tried multiplayer. got to somewhere between rank 9 and 13 and i froze again.. i have no issue with the system just locking up.. but each goddam time i freeze in this game it causes my system to do a check and restore!

its unacceptable and im scared for my playstation.
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User Info: MonsterWafflez

4 years ago#12
Mine freezes as well, in campaign AND multiplayer. I just shut it off for the night. Hopefully there will be a patch.

User Info: Zed7777ZR1

4 years ago#13
lame and fake ...?

i can underastand lame ... but fake ...?

User Info: MrSpaM111

4 years ago#14
kirklmatty posted...
so i started the campaign. (i always play campaign before anything else in any game)and i already freeze!
is this what i payed for? a game that freezes before i even get to play?

Hasnt frozen on me once, think you need a new ps3 to be honest

User Info: Xobter_81

4 years ago#15
Did you do the texture install? It's supposed to take stress off your PS3.

If that doesn't work i'm sure if this is a common problem they'll fix it...... eventually.

User Info: Sevi_ney

4 years ago#16
ryanpierce24 posted...
People that actually appreciate a good game with crazy cinematics and action will play the campaign first while all the fan boys go online right away to start ranking up(find new exploits). I have played literally every campaign on duty and have never been dissapointed. The same can't be said for multiplayer. I watched a couple of videos of online play and it literally looks just as lame and fast paced and FAKE as mw3. All that being said ill be a slave to it just like the rest of you even if its not good.(that is until Battlefield 4)

Calm down Jr.
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User Info: Phophenomenon

4 years ago#17
Oh it's because someone threw a concussion grenade at you. You'll be okay in a few seconds.
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User Info: avearys333

4 years ago#18
ryanpierce24 posted...
All that being said ill be a slave to it just like the rest of you even if its not good.(that is until Battlefield 4)

Why, just why? Find something constructive and purposeful to do with your life. I used to think these war shooters were going to be a fad, but now I'm actually worried about the entire generation growing up behind me. If the majority of the 14-24 male population spends their lives trying to prestige again and again, we really will get taken over by terrorists or the Chinese or whoever else wants to walk right in and take the country from us.
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User Info: singhellotaku

4 years ago#19
Mine froze the on the main menu the first time I put it in, been fine since, who knows how it was before that day one patch.

User Info: DEF67ONE

4 years ago#20
Haven't played campaign yet but the freezing has happened to me a couple of times on multiplayer online.
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  3. LOL what a piece of crap this is!

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