Another CoD, Another Crap MP

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User Info: ManOfChap

5 years ago#21
thedawgXD posted...
ManOfChap posted...
ok, this game is recylced.

same old maps
nothing new.
no skill involved.
wat. also you probably suck at CoD.
point and shoot thats all
k you definitely were never any good at call of duty games.
no bullet drop,
so? not like there needs to be anyways
maps are lame.
maybe to you
killstreaks are for little kids.
doesn't even make sense.

1/10 would not read again

great breakdown, clap clap. I went 18-7 in my second game, I left after that. I havent liked a single CoD since WaW. I like how only trolls post on here.
How the topic creator hasn't closed this topic yet is beyond me, but that user should consider it.

User Info: AgressiveCampin

5 years ago#22
>posts s***ty opinion
>posts said s***ty opinion amongst fans, purely trying to rustle jimmies
>liek xD s00per ironically calls everyone who disagrees trolls

2/10 would not rage
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