Anyone getting an error when trying to join a match?

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  3. Anyone getting an error when trying to join a match?

User Info: Mr_M0j0_Rising

5 years ago#1
I tried various gamemodes and get this annoying "error has occured while finding game session, try again" and it literally doesn't even find any games. I select Team Deathmatch for example and it boots me out in about 2 seconds and gives me this damn message. Tried turning my PS3 off and signing back on but I alone here?
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User Info: A_Real_King

5 years ago#2
Im also gettin this
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User Info: vann65

5 years ago#3
Yea this is happening to me too right now I even reset my internet and no progress :(

User Info: DeadlyDeathBlow

5 years ago#4
same problem here

decided to let my ps3 rest for a while and try again later.
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User Info: Medicine_Man

5 years ago#5
Yeah it booted me during a match, all my friends too, none of us can connect still, its almost 2 am my time, US Cent,.

User Info: Dirtysweed

5 years ago#6
I got a pocket full of sunshine

User Info: jrocc

5 years ago#7
Same here. Been trying to get into a lobby for the last 10min.
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User Info: TheBlueDeath

5 years ago#8

Help answer my gun dilemma in the meantime.
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User Info: cam94z28

5 years ago#9
I was in the middle of OFFLINE combat training, when I got a "connection interrupted" and a complete console freeze. This was right around the time of OP's post.

Checking filesystem now. That's really gonna suck if you can't play offline CT while you're offline :P

User Info: ColorBlindMage

5 years ago#10
I got the same message. Hopefully it'll clear up soon.
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  3. Anyone getting an error when trying to join a match?

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