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I thought MW3 was pretty bad when I first got it

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  3. I thought MW3 was pretty bad when I first got it

User Info: xMessiahbolical

5 years ago#1
Now I've owned BO2 for 8 hours and I'm already craving some MW3 action. Maybe I just haven't played BO2 and gotten into it enough yet, but it's not really impressing me.

MW3 could be really frustrating at times, especially with the lag comp/spawns/camping/etc. BUT if you got in a lobby without lag comp/campers on the other team, the game was seriously one of the most fun games I've ever played. The weapon variety was great, the guns were fun to use and level up, the graphics weren't technically impressive but they were pleasing enough to look at, and the gameplay was just so much fun at times. The Create-A-Class system was perfect(this pick 10 system is garbage), Specialist Killstreaks were an awesome idea, going for MOABs with your friends was a blast, UAV spam was easily countered by Assassin, etc. There was a lot of

Now I'll be the first to admit I bashed on MW3's maps. I thought I hated most of them. But honestly after playing Black Ops 2's maps now, it's bringing me a new appreciation for MW3's maps. The map design in MW3 may have been clusterf***ish, but they were at least fast paced and fun to play on. I loved Black Ops large, wide open maps. But BO2's maps are just too all over the place. Too many crazy routes and buildings with windows... I wish game designers would realize that complexity doesn't make the maps more fun. Usually the most fun maps are the simple ones. Like that one on the boat.... Takeover I think it's called. It's the most simplistic map I've played on so far, and yet it's also the most fun of the bunch. Why can't they make more maps like that? Black Ops 1 maps were mostly all simple(except some of the DLC maps) and they were fun to play on because of it, even the huge ones.

So yeah... I'm just not getting that "fun factor" that I did with the past COD games yet. Maybe it'll kick in eventually, but right now the game is kind of disappointing...

User Info: shockwavematty

5 years ago#2
Pfft mw3 is garbage compared to this.

User Info: Ice Weasel

Ice Weasel
5 years ago#3
The only problem I have with this game so far is the number of annoying 2nd-storey camper spots there are. Taking a flag in Domination can be an extremely frustrating experience, as it's almost impossible to ensure every single camper perch is clear. There are also an absolutely ridiculous number of head-glitching sports. Every map is littered with them.

User Info: KBGiantsfan

5 years ago#4
shockwavematty posted...
Pfft mw3 is garbage compared to this.
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User Info: Kollin6618

5 years ago#5
Although I'm one of very few that openly admits to enjoying MW3 quite a bit, BO2 is really fun so far and can see myself investing plenty of time into it as I did MW3.
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User Info: junkman351

5 years ago#6
shockwavematty posted...
Pfft mw3 is garbage compared to this.
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User Info: DJ_Pauly_D

5 years ago#7
shockwavematty posted...
Pfft mw3 is garbage compared to this.

This, the only real problem with BO2 is the spawns and small maps which lets be honest MW3 was as bad if not worse, plus it had all the other crap along with it.

User Info: Plasma_Returns

5 years ago#8
From: shockwavematty | #002
Pfft mw3 is garbage compared to this.
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User Info: Weiland101

5 years ago#9
People are going to realise that MW3 wasn't as bad as they thought, you wait. People get so into the hype of a new COD that they hate on the current one, but as soon as the new one comes out and realise with everything good thing they have added to it there are bad things that go along with it.

User Info: orphanjohn

5 years ago#10
shockwavematty posted...
Pfft mw3 is garbage compared to this.


I have almost completely forgot that mistake of a game thanks to this, but I almost didn't even get Blops2 because of MW3. That's just my 2 cents.
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  3. I thought MW3 was pretty bad when I first got it

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