How are the maps in this game?

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User Info: spooky96

5 years ago#1
I don't have access to this game yet, but I would like to know how the maps are in this game. Are most of them small/medium/large? Is there any map smaller or equal to Dome? (Besides Nuke Town of course) and overall are they fun to play on?
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User Info: buttcobell

5 years ago#2
Theyre good. I like them more than MW3 ones. but not as good as MW2 ones.

User Info: dpcdomino

5 years ago#3
So far so good but it is early. They seem small to medium sized but there are a lot of sight lines so it makes up for it.

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User Info: gigano25

5 years ago#4
I would say that the maps are medium and small sized, Also the maps does has a lot of narrow paths and also has alot of multiple paths and openings, which result in to alot of complaining that the maps sucks because people have to defend (or camp as others would say) to many openings.

So far I am liking the maps, since there are more paths to flank campers that are defending certain points.

User Info: reptyle101

5 years ago#5
I like most so far. They are more like MW2/3 maps on the surface (very colourful and usually fast-paced) but are also quite clean with lots of flanking routes and lines of sight like WaW/Blops.

Best of both I'd say.
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User Info: Lauz84

5 years ago#6
I really like the maps, maybe my favorite (standard) map-set of all CoD's, previous installments got allot of meh-maps and a couple of real good ones. BO2 reversed that, allot of awesome maps and maybe 2 or 3 lesser ones
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  3. How are the maps in this game?

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