Who here makes original emblems not copied from another user or Youtube?

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  3. Who here makes original emblems not copied from another user or Youtube?

User Info: jiggaloj

4 years ago#31
I spent some time making the Whitebeard jolly roger from One Piece.

User Info: orphanjohn

4 years ago#32

PSN: orphanjohn/OrphanFromdabloc
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User Info: RiceManDan

4 years ago#33
Mine's just the words.


It gets the lobby roaring with laughter.

User Info: Eternal_Warlord

4 years ago#34
I made the Ice King.

Well, sort of. I put the Gems of power in the wrong places on the crown lol. Gonna fix it later today.

Is there any way to share your emblem without having to bust out a camera or Cap card? I would post pics but that means I have to get out the camera, get out the memory card, upload the picture to my Photoboucket, and then post the link.

Awful lot of work lol.

I also made Finn but it's simple as hell whereas Ice King took me all 32 layers.

Not sure who to make next.
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User Info: Azmuh

4 years ago#35
My current emblem is *supposed* to look like the gun barrel from 007, with the blood cascading down. Haven't quite got it there yet, still trying to figure out my next move.

User Info: OmegaS13

4 years ago#36
I advertised the company I work for on Blops I.
For those who live in Florida, you might know it as Publix
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User Info: metalheadmattie

4 years ago#37
I made my very own penis in BO1. It was a fantastic penis actually. Most guys spend so little time on there's and it's lame. Mine was a true masterpiece.

User Info: BuraiDX

4 years ago#38
Made some of the Mane 6 MLP cutie marks. In my opinion, they turned out pretty awesome and really clean. Haters gonna hate.
PSN: Geo_Akuna :D
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User Info: Souleater_Grim

4 years ago#39
All I ever wanted from the emblem editor was a friggin' hexagon to create the Rokkaku symbol from Jet Set Radio... I couldn't even get that. I might just make General Morden's symbol from Metal Slug again.

User Info: jayman12311

4 years ago#40
Forsakenhotc posted...
jayman12311 posted...
I would say pretty creative. I perfected my Sheikah emblem from CoD BO. Hopefully I can do the same with Klink since I have access to more layers.

Here are a few I used in BO:
MW2 Rangers: http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k262/jayman12311/RangersEmblemCoDBlackOps.png

Klink: http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k262/jayman12311/GearEmblemCoDBlackOps.png

2011 Winnipeg Jets logo in the form of a tutorial:

nice shoutout to pokemon =D good job on it

Thanks! :)
I managed to improve on it.
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  3. Who here makes original emblems not copied from another user or Youtube?

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