Who here makes original emblems not copied from another user or Youtube?

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  3. Who here makes original emblems not copied from another user or Youtube?

User Info: Nile_Water

4 years ago#61
Me me i made my my own,i will descibe it,

Basically i took the Treyarc symbol and made it look like graffiti on a Black background,i used to do a bit of graffiti in the 90's.

I am a good artist when i can put time and effort in,it was a hobby at one time.

On Paper graffiti is the best because it is not illegal and you cant be prosecuted,lol
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User Info: ChaosSoldier1

4 years ago#62
Scope aimed on a soldier guy
My clan tag (FALL) on the top right with blood stains behind it

Pretty generic
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User Info: Jasonsan

4 years ago#63
I've created the right part of Shana's eye using no help but the poster on my wall. I don't know how to post it though.
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User Info: Knives13

4 years ago#64
I'm completely addicted to this thing -_-

I wake up every morning and make a new one

Here's the Razor I made yesterday


And the Samurai Jack I made thismorning


both made from trial and error

User Info: Zephyr1010

4 years ago#65
I am not very creative but I did make a Peter Griffin that I am proud of. Considering my lack of skill with art, I am very happy with it.
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User Info: landsharkx619

4 years ago#66
I plan on making a garchomp just like the first BO ;)
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User Info: brandondeniro

4 years ago#67
All original man. My current one is very simplistic. And I'm also very proud of the one on Elite I made for my... three person clan hahah. I'm a little too lazy to upload, maybe later. But yeah, I enjoy stuff like the emblem creator. I want something unique, or original, than to rip someone else.

User Info: Karahaut

4 years ago#68
I'm trying to make thr Marathon logo from Marathon by Bungie. I'm sure tons of people did it too but I'm making it specificall for the AI Durandal.

User Info: Space_Monky

4 years ago#69
Sythstrife99 posted...
i made the keywork symbol from the coheed and cambria mythos. pretty much a rip off but they wont let me make my clan tag 'CoCa' anymore.

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User Info: IronMonkey008

4 years ago#70
Don't have a pic but I made the blue slime from the Dragon Quest games. Pretty simple really (want to make it better eventually) but it looks really good/cute on golden guns. I also have the SEES emblem from Persona 3, simple as well but looks clean and good on guns.
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  3. Who here makes original emblems not copied from another user or Youtube?

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