So are people going to blame every death on "lag compensation" again this year?

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  3. So are people going to blame every death on "lag compensation" again this year?

User Info: iamlegend82

4 years ago#1

I've been outgunned quite a few times since I started playing and my K/D is nowhere near what it was on MW3, but it has all seemed fairly consistent to be honest. Killcams have matched what happened etc etc. The main problem being that I've been trying to play like I did on Modern Warfare. I've now realised that won't work here. Changed up my style a bit, and the K/D ratio is climbing again now.

Just had a look on the official COD forums and the whiny spoilt little brats that badgered daddy into buying cable internet so that they could own in COD are already crying over every single death being down to "lag compensation" robbing them. Are we going to have to listen to this nonsense all year again like last year?

User Info: Meta_Bit

4 years ago#2
It's not exactly an easy problem to work around. You don't know when it happens except when you see the kill cam. Sometimes it's obvious you get outplayed but when you see something totally different then it's not conducive to skill based gameplay but rather working around a distinct disadvantage (basically have to camp some since you get there connection response slower).

User Info: voidecho1

4 years ago#3
Nope, not every death, just the one's that were blatantly obvious, where you've put three times the number of bullets into someone that it "normally" takes all the while getting hit markers and then instantly dying.

Plus the complaints from me don't come after one kill, but after a pattern emerges in a game. You can go 30-8 one game, then switch lobbies and start 2-11. Sure, the competition is probably better, but you can 100% tell the difference in how long it's taking you to kill someone between the two matches. Your connection to the host has changed dramatically.

It also can vary person to person. There'll be that one person in the match you have zero chance against. The first one or two times they kill you makes you raise your eyebrows, then by the third or fourth and after watching the kill cams and seeing how slow they were to react to you and how slow they were to aim that there's NO way they should have killed you. That's when you know you're being lag f*****.
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User Info: Takuru

4 years ago#4
I like the compensation, this is the first time in a COD I can kill people during heavy lag.

In previous ones, once you saw the plug symbol appear, you might as well just drop your controller and wait for people to kill you out of nowhere because ti became unplayable until the symbol disappeared.

Now I actually can move around and kill people during heavy lag.

User Info: SoaD0031

4 years ago#5
This is the first Call of Duty where I see people skipping around all over the place. All the other ones were much smoother online.
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User Info: MEPS3

4 years ago#6
1) Lag is a part of any online shooter. It both benefits and screws over everyone at some port or another, most people just won't admit when it's helping them ("Lag isn't the reason I took down those 3 guys surrounding me all firing at once from different directions, I'm just THAT good") but notice right away when they're on the other end ("OMFG...THAT'S Bull*****....12 year old tears and voice-cracking etc.) and it becomes a "very serious problem Treyarch needs to address right now because....(gasp) I'm losing and I SHOULD be owning."

2) Arguments like the Topic line here just lead to vicious cycles: lag happens, lag compensation screws some people over, and it's annoying when you're the one being unfairly affected by it. People will complain about it. This gets on other peoples' nerves after a while, so they start complaining about people who complain about it. The original complainers feel that they have e legitimate complaint that is being de-valued by 'snobs' so they complain about people who complained about people complaining. AD INFINITUM (Discussions on Mass Effect 3's ending followed this same path over and over and over...)

User Info: cirus 7

cirus 7
4 years ago#7
people are complaining because its a huge problem that makes MP basically unplayable when it hits you.
i mean when the latency is off and way out of sync, ill see an enemy and immediately empty half a clip into his torso at close range, but he does not die. then i mysteriously drop dead, and when his kill cam pops up it shows him killing me before i ever got a single shot off, with my standing 4 or 5 steps back form where i was when i opened fire.
the delay is almost 2 whole seconds at times. its so out of sync that 2 players in the same game are seeing completely different things, and you have no idea weather what your seeing is accurate and in sync with the server or not until you die and watch for inconsistencies between what you saw when playing and what happened in the enemies kill cam footage.

its like trying to play 1 on 1 basketball, where your opponent has normal vision, but you have to wear a helmet with a camera on the front and screen inside that shows everything with a 2 second delay. by the time you see him stop to shoot the ball, the ball has already gone in the basket. its impossible to compensate for.
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User Info: greggreggreg2000

4 years ago#8
Not every death. Just the ones where the killcam shows me shooting where the guy was standing one second ago
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User Info: indiansfan4444

4 years ago#9
I have only had about 2 or 3 matches where I have had problems with lag like mw3 gave me. For those matches only a few of the deaths were showing me that I was behind them so really I can't complain too much.

User Info: cirus 7

cirus 7
4 years ago#10
if it were only every couple matches for me, i wouldnt be that upset about it, but i run into this issue in at least 50% of the games i join, if not more.

my and my buddy were playing yesterday, passing the controller each match, and went 5 games in a row with this issue happening in every one. later that might i had 7 in a row with the issue, and i was leaving the room after each game hoping a new one would not have the problem for me.
i have also run into quite a few other people having issues with it, seeing their character frozen in place, or crouched down in the middle of an open area as if on their screen they are aiming from behind cover.
psn id "rajas", FF11 handle- Atrox, on Cerberus
auto modellista team- Akagi Redsuns *RIP*
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