There is no freezing glitch people, just trolls.

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  3. There is no freezing glitch people, just trolls.

User Info: seabass95

5 years ago#21
ravenscourge posted...
The game freezes like my nipples in the cold northern winds you dingleberry.

This is probably the best analogy I have heard for anything. Ever.

User Info: TehTrumpCard

5 years ago#22
deoxxys posted...
tc is a troll
"Set your dreams high, and make them come true. You can aim higher than this, much higher!"
3DSXL FC: 4640-0379-8455 PSN: TehTrumpCard n ReimuHakure-

User Info: Sic2Def

5 years ago#23
AtelierCorvus posted...
I wish all you trolls would stop making stuff up. There is NO freezing glitch, not online, not in campaign. It's just band-wagon trolling, that's it.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, if your opinion is as stupid as this you deserve a good bludgeoning - at the very least.

User Info: CrimzonHead

5 years ago#24
Hey look, pandas!
Don't be scared homie ;)

User Info: supremeblaster

5 years ago#25
I'm pretty sure the 84 people who liked this video weren't trolls...:

User Info: I_KnowYourMom

5 years ago#26
lol TC's Head is sooooooooo far up Activision's rectum, that he fails to see the truth.

User Info: KingEmperor

5 years ago#27
It freezes on me a lot whenever I try to go to Ground War online.

User Info: tmquietman

5 years ago#28
He's trolling, everyone here bit.
Please do not feed the trolls.

User Info: mhollan3

5 years ago#29
Uhh... you're totally wrong, mate. All day yesterday when I tried starting the game it froze. At the Treyarch logo BEFORE the Dolby animation, during the opening at the Activision logo, I'm surprised it loaded up fine just now.

Because of this crap I have not been able to play all weekend.
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  3. There is no freezing glitch people, just trolls.

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