How to fix freezing

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User Info: supermancc

4 years ago#1
Everybody in this game has probably had their ps3 freeze while they were in a game lobby. Nobody knew why it happened, until someone on reddit figured out that if you have someones name highlighted, looking at their playercard, the game will freeze when the clock hits 0 to start the game. If you are changing an emblem, the same thing happens. I'm not sure about if it affects it if you are in barracks for something else. Just in case some of you didn't know yet.
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User Info: RuneMaster no2

RuneMaster no2
4 years ago#2
That's one of the conditions. Most of the time mine has frozen while loading a map.
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User Info: Mspaul09

4 years ago#3
Twitter says patch to come tomorrow for most common freezes.
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