--Official post your K/D and W/L ratio!--

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User Info: Dark222

4 years ago#1
From previous cod games my k/d and w/l is the worst on this game. I just can't seem to do good.


What is yours?
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User Info: FooFighters25

4 years ago#2
KD - 1.4
W/L - 1.2
SPM - 385

I feel like my W/L should be a lot higher, but I never get put on teams that play the objective. :/
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User Info: Jon Ace

Jon Ace
4 years ago#3

Compared to MW3, my K/D is up from the 0.7s, but my W/L is down from 66%. My SPM is better too.
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User Info: megadude1

4 years ago#4
K/D - 2.01
W/L - elite says 49%, no idea what it says in the game.
SPM - 372
I prestiged in less than 10 hours :)
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User Info: SrLaxalot

4 years ago#5

Black Ops was a 2.40K/d, and MW3 2.20K/d..

User Info: darkstar1080

4 years ago#6
K/D: 1.8
W/L: 1.75 ish

My k/d in other games has never been below 2 and my w/l has never been below 3 :/
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User Info: Michael244

4 years ago#7
K/D 1.65
W/L 1.20

I cannot adjust to this game...
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User Info: lechaflan

4 years ago#8
Honestly my .86 KD is a LOT higher than I thought considering I see really horrible low scores consistently. Once I break my new controller in and get used to the maps more I can see it hit 1.05.

.75 W/L
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User Info: Baraka32

4 years ago#9
Lvl 28
KDR - 1.06
W/L 0.30

I play mainly FFA, both numbers will start going up
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User Info: Dark222

4 years ago#10
Yeah, what I have heard is the good people in previous cod's are doing worse in this game. I was 10 prestige in black ops with 1.70 k/d.
Now playing: Black Ops and Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
PSN: Dark_soul77
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