What CoD is the best and worst in each category?

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User Info: hedgehog786

4 years ago#1
Remove brackets before posting!



Sounds (in-game sounds and not the music):

Balancing (Generally applies to perks/weapons/killstreaks in multiplayer):


Ingenuity (For its time, which had the newest features in terms of how it changed FPS/CoD and which was too bland and brought nothing new):

Completeness (or its lack of completeness):

Fun Factor (Basically, what was your favourite or least favourite in the series):


Feel free to add your own to the list and please remove the brackets when posting your own list.

I am aware it may be too early to see how BO2 fares compared to other CoDs in some aspects so do take that into account. Opinions on each aspect are more than welcome.
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User Info: obiwan23s

4 years ago#2
MW2 for pretty much everything except balancing and maybe fun factor, because Black Ops 1 zombies has been made infinitely better in retrospect by the complete trash that is TranZit.
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User Info: lechaflan

4 years ago#3
Campaign: best - MW2, worst - CoD1
Soundtrack: best - BO2, worst - CoD2
Sounds: best - MW3, worst - WaW
Balancing: best - MW1, worst - MW2
Visuals: best - MW2/3, worst - CoD1
Ingenuity: best - BO2 mainly for pick 10 system, worst - MW3
Completeness: best - MW1 or BO1, worst - can' t say since I felt everything felt complete but if I had to choose one...MW2
Fun Factor: best - MW1 though BO2 is catching up, worst - in my case, MW2 cuz it's for some reason the worst I perform in

edit since TC added new categories:
Connection: best - BO1 or MW2, worst - BO1 initially, now MW3
Maps: best - MW1/WaW (I'm a fan of intricate/detailed/explorative maps. I'm the type that likes Kingdom Hearts 1 >>>> Kingdom Hearts 2 just based off exploration), worst - MW3
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User Info: Ineedgold

4 years ago#4
Campaign: Best- Black Ops 2 Worst:WaW
Soundtrack: Best-Black Ops2 Worst:Mw3
Sounds: Best-Mw3 Worst-Black Ops1
Balancing: Best-Black Ops 2 Worst-Mw3
Visuals: Best-Mw3 Worst-Black Ops1
Ingenuity: Best-Mw1 Worst-Mw3
Completeness: Best-Black Ops1 Worst-Mw2
Fun Factor Best-Mw3 Worst-Mw2
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User Info: Brich10962

4 years ago#5
I think the campaign one BO1 was the best.

I think everything else goes to W@W. I thought that game was the best. Now everything is being made better, but for its "time" it was the best. Also, original zombies was pretty amazing.
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User Info: hedgehog786

4 years ago#6
Best in each category IMO

Campaign: CoD4
Soundtrack: MW2
Sounds: CoD4
Balancing: BO2
Visuals: BO2
Ingenuity: CoD4 (Completely changed FPS, followed by BO2 with the overhall of Scorestreaks and Create-a-class)
Completeness: I would've said BO2 but zombies was a disappointment. Has to be MW2
Fun Factor: CoD4 although, surprisingly I'm a huge fan of BO2

Connection/Lag: BO2 (I can finally Ground War games and not notice any lag whatsoever. Typically 10/12 people are on 4 bars while the other 2 are on 3.)
Maps CoD4/BO2

Worst in each category IMO

Campaign: W@W, wasn't a fan of the setting.
Soundtrack: MW3 (getting rid of the legend that is Hans Zimmer was a big, big mistake.
Sounds: BO/W@W
Balancing: BO (Famas, Aug, 74u, and other ARs were mostly OP, MW2 comes in at close 2nd with OMA, DC and Commando. Contrary to what is said, the guns were mainly balanced, most were powerful)
Visuals: W@W although BO took a step back from MW2
Ingenuity: MW3 or should I say MW2.5. Added hardly anything new and felt like I was playing and updated MW2 for another year
Completeness: BO, looked unpolished in several areas although fans of zombies will probably say BO2
Fun Factor: MW3, after a few months it felt like a chore playing it.

Connection/Lag: BO. Lag was forever present.
Maps BO, bad graphics added to the unpolished look of the maps.
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User Info: CassyChan

4 years ago#7
Campaign: Black Ops II (better story, cinematic scenes, characters have a tiny bit more personality and likability, good use of swapping between times and playable characters, create-a-class and strike force missions are cool etc, though the first ending I got was awful and probably the worst of the series)
Soundtrack: Black Ops II
Sounds: MW2 / Black Ops II
Balancing CoD2 / Black Ops II (in BOII the focus on attachments over perks, the way they're trying to get rid of blatant and lame camping and the new create-a-class + scorestreak system make it far more balanced than recent CoD games imo)
Visuals: Black Ops II
Ingenuity: MW1
Completeness: Black Ops II (a slightly longer, more diverse and replayable campaign, ships with more co-op content, multiplayer has more room for variety in setups)
Fun Factor: Black Ops II (MW2 at its best was probably more fun, but at its worst it was unbearable ****)

User Info: hedgehog786

4 years ago#8
Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.

User Info: reptyle101

4 years ago#9
Blops 2 by far is the best (MW3 being the worst)

I don't really notice it in CoD, maybe Blops 1 for best

Blops 2 (MW3 being the absolute worst in this category)

Balancing: too early to judge Blops 2's balance but it seems good so far
Blops 1 for non-weapon balance, MW2 for weapon balance (MW2 having worst perk and killstreak balance and possibly WaW for worst weapon balance)

Either this game or MW3

Definitely this one (MW3 being the obvious worst one)

probably same as above though Blops 1 had the best zombies with DLC maps

Fun Factor: too early to count this so I'll say Blops 1 (MW2 being the worst, far too much BS in that game for it to be any fun)
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User Info: Kylo_Ren_

4 years ago#10
Campaign: BOs II (worst MW3)
Soundtrack: best - BOs II (worst 4)
Sounds: best - WaW (worst MW3)
Balancing: best - BOs (worst - BOs II)
Visuals: best - MW2 (worst - CoD 1 & 2)
Ingenuity: best - 4 (worst - MW3)
Completeness: best - BOs (worst MW3)
Fun Factor: best - BOs (worst MW2)
Connection: best - MW2 (worst BOs II)
Maps: best - BOs (worst MW2)
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